Annelise Riles publishes digitally enriched "Financial Citizenship" e-book

Annelise Riles, professor of law and anthropology and the founder of Meridian 180, has published an e-book calling for citizens to play a larger role in decision making around public finance. Financial Citizenship: Experts, Publics, and the Politics of Central Banking was published on the new Einaudi Center Digital Publications platform, which allows readers to engage in online conversations through a public annotation tool.

The digitally enriched text grew out of a series of online forums and international meetings organized by Meridian 180 and Cornell’s Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies. It is the first major work to be published on the experimental platform.

Riles argues that experts – central bankers, regulators, market insiders, and their academic supporters – are a special community, a cultural group apart from many of the communities that make up the public at large. When the gulf between the culture of those who govern and the cultures of the governed becomes unmanageable, she writes, the result is a legitimacy crisis. This book is a call to action “for all of us – experts and publics alike – to address this legitimacy crisis head on, for our economies and our democracies.”

The text is enhanced by more than 40 videos, documents and links, ranging from YouTube "explainers" to working papers by graduate students under Riles' supervision. 

A text-only version is available for free download on the Cornell Open site. Cornell University Press will publish a print version in July.

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Annelise Riles is the Jack G. Clarke Professor of Law in Far East Legal Studies at Cornell Law School and professor of anthropology at Cornell. Meridian 180 is a transnational platform for policy solutions with bases in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and Australia.