Matthew Evangelista shakes hands with Leticia Chai

Peace studies prize goes to senior Leticia Chai

The 2018 Harrop and Ruth Freeman Prize is awarded annually by the Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. Chai has worked with refugees in Myanmar and India. 

Martha Pollack

Pollack, CMSP issue statements on travel ban ruling

The Einaudi Center's Comparative Muslim Societies Program joined the Cornell president in calling for tolerance and openness.

Neema Kudva

Neema Kudva speaks to power of planning for climate change

In the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast, the co-coordinator of the Ecological Learning Collaboratory tells how communities around the world are working to make themselves resilient. 

Finkel headshot

Madelon Finkel publishes book on cancer screening in developing world

The professor of healthcare policy and research is director of the Office of Global Health Education at Weill Cornell Medicine. Her book on pipelines and politics is due in September.   

Democracy in Exile book cover image

Former center postdoc publishes biography of sociologist Hans Speier

Daniel Bessner, a 2013-14 fellow, is the author of “Democracy in Exile” (Cornell University Press, 2018). Bessner is an assistant professor at the University of Washington.

Gustavo Flores-Macias

Gustavo Flores-Macias: Venezuela vote spells trouble

The Latin American Studies Program faculty member writes that the re-election of Nicolas Maduro signals continued mismanagement and “steady march toward authoritarianism.”

Man & woman movie stars

Exhibit: Fashion and identity in Sri Lankan cinema

Photos explore perceptions and representations of sociocultural identities in late 20th century Sri Lanka through cinematic portrayals of clothing fashion.

Kim Jong Un (AP photo)

Sarah Kreps: Trump can't count on “hawk's advantage” in North Korea

In the Washington Post, the Reppy Institute faculty member and her collaborators write that the Trump-Kim talks may not be a “Nixon-to-China” moment.

mother with baby

Tata-Cornell celebrates five years of fighting hunger in India

The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition conducts fieldwork designed to uncover food system failures and empower communities to solve them.

Swirling tattoo detail (from book cover)

Andrea Bachner’s new book sees inscription as metaphor

The Einaudi Center International Faculty Fellow's “The Mark of Theory” uses tattooing, circumcision, photography, and phonography to probe the “relationship between materiality and meaning.”

N'Dri Assie-Lumumba

N’Dri Assié-Lumumba takes “umbutu” to heart

The Institute for African Development's affiliated faculty member is motivated by the African concept of “collective existence and the quest for justice and equal human dignity and rights.”

Shorna Allred

Shorna Allred receives third annual Engaged Scholar Prize

The Southeast Asia Program faculty member was cited for mentoring students in community-based research, leading global service-learning experiences, and contributing to engaged learning scholarship.

Langwick in profile

Stacey Langwick receives fellowship for work on toxicity and healing

The coordinator of the Einaudi Center’s Qualities of Life Working Group will work on a book called A Politics of Habitability: Plants, Sovereignty, and Healing in a Toxic World.

Language instructors mugging for camera

Southeast Asian Language Week celebrates program success

This celebration showcases the university’s Southeast Asian language course offerings. Faculty and students can engage in conversation hours and taste local cuisine with the Southeast Asia Program.

Lawrence Buell

Environmental humanities lecture series begins Apr. 12

Lawrence Buell speaks on “Remembering the Future to Keep It from Happening: Environmental Imagination in the Anthropocene.” The series is cosponsored by the Einaudi Center.

N'Dri Assie-Lumumba

Comparative education symposium seeks papers

The World Council of Comparative Education Societies meets June 21-22 in Johannesburg. Prof. N’Dri T. Assié-Lumumba of Cornell’s Africana Studies and Research Center is WCCES president. 

Andrew Mertha

Andrew Mertha: China likely seething about North Korea talks

The East Asia Program core faculty member told Business Insider that President Trump forced China’s hand. 

Students with hardhats in South Africa

Students study law and social change in South Africa

The course is taught by Prof. Muna Ndulo, director of the Institute for African Development, and supported by a grant from the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs.

Annelise Riles speaking

Video: Annelise Riles central banking book discussion

The Meridian 180 director and Cornell law professor exchanges views with expert commentators on her forthcoming book on banking, democracy, and “financial citizenship.”

Student viewing United Nations diorama

UN trip introduces students to complexities of global issues

The annual visit was organized by N’Dri Assié-Lumumba, professor of Africana Studies, and cosponsored by the Einaudi Center.