The "Changing Politics of Central Banking" Graduate Student Fellowship

Fellowship on The Changing Politics of Central Banking

Together with Meridian 180, we are delighted to announce the 2015 - 2016 interdisciplinary graduate student collaborative research fellowship on the Changing Politics of Central Banking. 

This project, funded in part by the Tobin Project, supports young scholars committed to thinking beyond national and disciplinary silos by building connections among graduate students in different fields and exposing them to mentors outside their own discipline. It also seeks to build skills among these students in ways of engaging generously and productively with conversations in the policy world about the construction of a more inclusive financial and monetary system. Fellows will survey the state of knowledge in one or more social science disciplines they know well on the question of the politics of central banking—to describe the knowns and unknowns, the achievements and methodological advantages of each discipline and the blind spots and limitations. The resulting papers will be presented in April 2016 as an adjoining event to the conference on “The Changing Politics of Central Banking” at Cornell University. 

The selected fellows are: 

Megan Doherty Bea, Sociology PhD student, Cornell University

Adam Hayes, Master of Economics student, New School University

Erin Lockwood, Political Science PhD Candidate, Northwestern University

Marcelo Prates, S.J.D Candidate, Duke University School of Law