Chai, Minqi: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

Graduate School
Project Title: 
Tracing Public Opposition about Chinese Investment: A Case Study of Southeast Asia
Project Abstract: 
This is a pre-dissertation research project on public opposition to Chinese investment in Southeast Asia. It is directly related to my dissertation topic on economic nationalism and the anti-China sentiment in developing countries. By analyzing various attitudes and responses of local residents, interest groups and officials towards Chinese investment in Southeast Asia, I intend to map the process of how public opposition against foreign investment translates into government decision-making through different channels. This will not only generate important policy implications on the growing concerns of Chinese expanding investment, but also engages the literature on public opinions about foreign investment and trade. In particular, I intend to conduct field research and interview stakeholders in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China in the summer of 2017 from June to August. Essentially, this project is very likely to be developed into a field paper or a part of my dissertation.