Egel, Naomi: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Lessons From Other Weapons: How Past Experiences Inform Approaches to Multilateral Security Governance
Project Abstract: 
Conceptually, efforts to ban, limit, or otherwise govern the possession and use of different kinds of weapons are often categorized based on the type of weapon involved. Variation in security governance, thus, is infrequently analyzed across different categories of weapons. Yet at the multilateral level, the same actors participate in shaping, framing, and negotiating a variety of different agreements regarding arms control, disarmament, and security governance. This project will explore the implications of actors' experiences in diverse multilateral security forums for how they approach future multilateral agreements governing weapons. This in turn will inform my efforts to understand variation in approaches to multilateral security agreements. I propose to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to conduct interviews in order to better understand how actors working in multilateral security governance conceptualize their work. This initial scoping research will also inform my future development of a dissertation proposal.