Griswold, Delilah: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Development Sociology
Project Title: 
Modernizing Agriculture in Fiji: Discourse and Practice of Sustainable Development
Project Abstract: 
The history of agricultural development is often critiqued for its devaluing of farmer-knowledge, and its tendency to exaggerate existing inequities by disadvantaging those producers with limited access to capital and resources. Focusing on Fiji’s recent efforts for sustainable agricultural development, my research aims to understand the interactions between the growing global narrative on climate change and agriculture – a narrative that is spurring a new wave of agricultural development – its codification into policy, and how this codification impacts agricultural extension practice. In this way my research is broadly focused on the question of whether sustainable agricultural development either repeats or improves upon the flaws of historic development practice. This research will be accomplished through participant observation of Fiji's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) extension staff, and in-depth interviews with farmers who have implemented sustainable practices with assistance from the MOA.