INKHONG, ORADI: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
“Puje Drum” (re)constructing identity of Shan diaspora in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Project Abstract: 
Music, as a performative discourse, can serve as a means for marginalized members of society to contest their subjugation and effect change. This research focuses on music of the Shan diaspora in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in particular, “Puje Drum,” a musical performance which is represented as reflecting Shan identity and reminding them of the motherland. Apart from signaling Shan-ness, Puje Drum has also been defined as a part of Thai-Lanna identity. The aim of the study is to examine how Shan diaspora perform their music to (re)construct their identity in ways that negotiate subjugating discourses in the host land.