Jack, Margaret: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

The Faculty of Computing and Information Science
Information Science
Project Title: 
A Historical and Ethnographic Inquiry into Cambodian Media Creation and Reconstruction
Project Abstract: 
This study will investigate how Cambodian young people are using social media to share, view, and archive historical media (such as film and music) from the pre-Khmer Rouge era. During the Khmer Rouge, most Cambodian artists were killed and libraries were largely destroyed. Today there is a grassroots effort to restore and archive media that was lost, primarily using the Facebook platform. I will investigate this phenomenon using a mixed methods approach, integrating archival research of historical media with an ethnography of contemporary technology coworking spaces in Phnom Penh. This study contributes to emerging discourse asking how and in what ways we see computing emerge in postcolonial and post-conflict countries. It also builds on work exploring the links between memory, media, and trauma and the changing role of the archive with the emergence of new Internet media.