Kuo, Alexander : Small Grant, 2014-2015


Alexander Kuo (Government) 

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Government
Project Title: 
Data collection for the long-term impact of World War I on European political system development
Project Abstract: 
This Einaudi seed grant is for an initial data collection project that is a small part of a long-term project that will address several related questions about the impact of World War I on both the inter-war and post-war political development and economic policies of Western European countries. The overall project will address the following questions: how did World War I affect the internal structure and stability of pre-existing and new political parties? What explains sub-national as well as cross-national variation in the durability of political institutions as a consequence of economic adjustment policies adopted after the war? Specifically, how did variation in war-related mortality rates structurally affect the support for relatively new social democratic parties, the stability of the party systems among participants and non-participants, and support for post-WWI redistributive measures?