Pritchard, Sara : Small Grant, 2015-2016


Sara Pritchard (Science & Technology Studies)

Arts & Sciences
Science & Technology Studies
Project Title: 
Loss of the Night: Knowing Lights Pollution in Contemporary Europe
Project Abstract: 
This research explores how the German “Verlust der Nacht” (Loss of the Night) and subsequent EU-supported “Loss of the Night Network” (LoNNe) projects understand and critique excessive artificial light at night—what is commonly called light pollution. It examines how these projects produce knowledge about light pollution in distinct ways, and the conservation implications of their approach. It is based on archival research, documentary analysis, interviews, oral histories, and fieldwork with scientists and technicians. The research is part of a larger, book-length project on the history and politics of global light pollution since the 1970s that engages with science and technology studies (STS), environmental history, environmental studies, and critical studies of conservation.