Robcis, Camille : Small Grant, 2013-2014


Camille Robcis (History)

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Provincializing French Intellectual History
Project Abstract: 
The objective of this project is a one-day conference / workshop on race and sexuality in modern France titled “Provincializing French History.” This conference will gather various younger scholars interested in exploring the intersections of race and sexuality in modern French history. The participants include mostly intellectual historians, but also an anthropologist and a scholar of French Studies, interested in methodological and theoretical questions and more generally, in interrogating the methods, canon, and normative categories of meaning that still structure the field of intellectual history. In short, this conference hopes to “provincialize” French intellectual history by incorporating feminist, postcolonial, queer and other forms of critiques to the history of French thought. This initial effort will serve a catalyst for further meetings, to be held once a year, in the home institutions of the various participants and may also result in a published anthology of essays and a blog to invite others to join the conversation.