Vaghela, Palashi: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

The Faculty of Computing and Information Science
Information Science
Project Title: 
Reimagining technology and subversion: Towards feminist design and use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in India
Project Abstract: 
As part of my doctoral research, I am working on developing an effective approach to designing and building feminist ICTs informed by understanding the unique issues and experiences of women in India. When we talk about women as stakeholders in development and technology, digital literacy for women is framed as an empowerment project. Yet, means of access to resources is largely controlled by men and questions of privacy, security, and politics of use of technology affect women differently.  I want to understand the role of technologies in constructing spaces for discussion, debate, or denial of feminist movements, and their use as tools of subversion and resistance in everyday life women in South Asia. The methodologies I want to use for this enquiry are ethnographic research and critical design. This summer research is the first step toward my dissertation where I plan to identify field-sites and establish relationships with feminist organizations/groups to lay groundwork for a long-term research alliance.