Wang, Anran: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

Graduate School
Project Title: 
Field research in South Korea and China on China’s historical interpretation and commemoration concerning ethnic Koreans
Project Abstract: 
I am applying for the travel grant to support my summer field research in South Korea and China. I plan to visit various libraries to gather materials for my ongoing research project on the Chinese government’s interpretation and commemoration of the history of ethnic Koreans in China. The primary destination is Seoul, South Korea, since the Korean perspective is the focus of my research in the current stage. I also plan to briefly visit Hong Kong and Yanbian in China for additional materials from the Chinese side. The field research would enable me to strengthen and consolidate my research paper and seek publication at an academic journal. The outcome of this research will also lay solid foundation for my future dissertation, which focuses on the intersection of China’s ethnic and foreign relations during the Cold War.