CRADLE Reading Group

We have organized a reading group on the engrossing topics of law and economics, wanting to be as inclusive, accommodating, and mindful as possible for any student interested in these areas. The goal of the reading group is to foster a collaborative working space and allow students to generate new ideas from the works they’ve read. 


The locations, dates and topics of the reading group are as follows:

2/28/19  Property Law-Uris 494

3/7/19    Criminal Law-Uris 498

3/14/19  Contract Law-Uris 498

3/21/19  Torts- Uris 494

3/28/19  CRADLE Roundtable-Clark 700

4/11/19  Antitrust Law-Uris 498

4/18/19  International Law-Uris 498

4/25/19  Taxation-Uris 498


The core members of the group this year are:

Pengfei, Zhang, PhD student in Economics

Haokun, Sun, PhD student in Economics

Luis Sanchez, PhD student in Economics

Hester, Zhang, PhD student in Economics

Sumun, Iyer, PhD student in Mathematics

Xinyue, Pei M.S. student in Applied Economics and Management

Tony, Zhou, senior undergraduate majoring in Economics and Philosophy