Graduate student engagement

Interdisciplinary graduate training

Graduate students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds serve as an integral part of the GFI community. In the spring of 2014, the GFI formalized its interdisciplinary graduate student program.

This program includes a reading group focusing on relevant and timely literature, and provides opportunities for students to workshop their research. Graduate students also receive guidance from the GFI steering committee and visiting scholars while formulating their research, and are encouraged to add an interdisciplinary lens to their own work.

Students interested in participating should contact


Graduate student profiles


Danny H. Adiwibowo


Senior Economist
Monetary and Economic Research Department
Bank Indonesia

Research Interests: Monetary Policy, Macroeconomics, Financial System, Regulation
Dissertation: Public Policy Nexus: Monetary-, Fiscal-, Macro-prudential Policy

Publications: IMF Working Paper No. 09/253 “Adding Indonesia to the Global Projection Model.”


Megan Doherty Bea


Research interests: Economic Sociology, Sociology of Finance, Political Sociology, Organizations


Alicia Eads


Research interests: Sociology of Finance, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Institutions.

Current Research Projects: Policy responses to the recent financial crisis, Central bank communication policy.
Cornwell, Benjamin and Alicia Eads. 2013. “Social Capital.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology. Ed. Jeff Manza. New York: Oxford University Press.


Vincent Ialenti

Anthropology; National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

Research Interests: nuclear energy, nuclear waste, deep time, inspiration, death, collaboration, Northern Europe.

Publications: 2014. “Adjudicating Deep Time: Revisiting the United States’High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository Project at Yucca Mountain.” Special Issue on “Energy in Society” in Science & Technology Studies (Official Journal of EASST: The European Association for Studies of Science and Technology) 27(2)


Eudes Lopes


Research Interests: Anthropology of finance; aesthethics and epistemology; ethnography and collaboration; capital markets; development banking; Brazil


Joon Woo Sohn

Industrial and Labor Relations

Research interests: Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Sociology of Finance, Economic Sociology, Network Analysis, Financial Institutions


Kate Watkins


Research Interests: Economic Sociology, Sociology of Finance, and Network Analysis


Peter Wissoker

City and Regional Planning

Research Interests: Finance and Real Estate, Institutional Approaches to Real Estate and Metropolitan Growth, Life Insurance Company Investments, Debt in the Economy, Economic Development, Economic and Urban Geography

Dissertation: The evolving interconnection between the financial sector and the real estate sectors in the United States (1970-2008)

Wissoker, P. 2013. From Insurance to Investments: Financialisation and the Supply Side of Life Insurance and Annuities in the USA (1970–2006). Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 6:3, 401–418

Urban Studies and the University Press, Urban Affairs Review, 2006; 42; 137-139

Restructuring and Internationalizing: Domestic Shifts in the Insurance Industry (w/Julie Graham), in Trading Industries, Trading Regions, 1993.  Naponen, Graham, Markusen, editors.  New York: Guilford Publications.