Coyle, Richard : Small Grant, 2014-2015


Richard Coyle (Johnson School)

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Project Title: 
Conference on Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Business in India
Project Abstract: 
The purpose of this small grant is to host a Conference on the Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Business in India in fall, 2015. The conference will demonstrate Johnson’s (and Cornell’s) thought leadership on business management in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This can help increase the school’s profile with potential future students, and potential corporate partners. This could also possibly attract funders for Cornell’s internationalization strategies and research. Lastly, with the involvement of students, the conference can serve as an excellent vehicle of practical knowledge for an international business career. Anticipated panel discussions include: (1) Manufacturing for Digital Infrastructure in India; (2) Moving Beyond the Back Office – What other services can India provide?; (3) Indian Government as a Customer; and (4) Research & Development and Innovation Opportunities in India