Haenni, Sabine : Small Grant 2016-2017


Sabine Haenni (Performing and Media Arts), Leslie Adelson (German Studies) 

Arts & Sciences
Performing and Media Arts
Project Title: 
Producing New Images of the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis
Project Abstract: 
Media images of Mediterranean refugee crisis tend to be problematic on multiple levels, because of their repetitiveness, the ways in which they frame and abstract their subjects, they ways in which they position the spectator. However, there have been a number of recent, award-winning films that have successfully challenged common modes of representation, actively working towards a new way of understanding the Mediterranean refugee crisis. We are organizing a visit of a filmmaker and his associate—Jakob Brossman and Stefania Schenk Vitale from Austria—whose film, Lampedusa in Winter (2015), has garnered many awards and was screened at both the Austrian and the European Parliament, for a public screening with discussion, a class visit, and a workshop with film production students. The events are geared toward the general public, the Cornell student population, while at the same time they have emerged from our international research interests.