Stock, Emiko: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Multiple Exposures: Toward a historical & visual anthropology of Chams in Cambodia and Iran
Project Abstract: 
An ethnography with a few Chams Sayyids - descendants of the Caliph Ali - a minority within the minority: Southeast Asian Muslims at the margins of the Islam world, Muslims living in an overwhelmingly Buddhist kingdom, members of the Sunni majority leaving to become Shia, cosmopolitans going to ''enclaved'' Iran. Why has this pocket of Chams, suddenly – or so it seems - started to tie itself to Iran? What attracts one into Shiism, when everyone else claims the unity of Sunnism? This project takes absences as a response to those few trajectories from Cambodia to Iran, from Sunni to Shia, through a visual anthropology approach locating the ambiguities left out of anthropology in a surplus of history and visuality.