Parkinson, Rebecca: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Project Title: 
Impact Investment for Food Security and Nutrition
Project Abstract: 
This research contributes to global efforts to attract additional impact investment finance into high nutrient horticultural value chains as a catalyst for scaled up dietary diversity and, ultimately, better nutritional outcomes for rural and urban poor populations in developing countries. It examines the supply and demand for impact investment finance into supply chains delivering horticultural crops to domestic markets. A landscape assessment seeks to highlight the gap between demand for nutrition-focused investment and supply of social and financial return-seeking funding. Constraints on why value chain investments into nutritious crops are overlooked will be tested through interviews with investors and stakeholders. In-depth case studies of market based projects or business models targeting nutrition outcomes in two developing markets of SE Asia will be used to highlight constraints and opportunities for investors.  The interviews will also help to understand market opportunities as defined by investors themselves and incentives that make such investments attractive.