CORNELL UNIVERSITY: A.D. White Professors-at-Large Program

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 00:00

A.D. White Professors-at-Large are outstanding individuals of international distinction in their fields, who are appointed to six year terms as non-resident visiting professors at Cornell. A. D. White Professors-at-Large need not be academics, though most are in fact affiliated with teaching and research institutions. What is important is that they combine distinction in a particular domain with broad intellectual appeal across multiple disciplines and fields of study. During the six-year tenure, A.D. White Professors typically make two campus visits of ten days to two weeks each, in order to interact with a broad range of faculty and students in both formal and informal campus settings. Where appropriate, they also deliver large public lectures or participate in public programs of interest to our surrounding communities. The logistics of each visit are handled by the Program Administrator, though all arrangements should reflect the interests and expertise of the faculty sponsors. Nominations for A.D. White Professorships may be made by individual faculty members, academic departments, or groups of departments. The selection process is overseen by a faculty Selection Committee which forwards the most plausible nomination packages to the President and Trustees for approval.