GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY: Institute for Humane Studies - Hayek Fund

Australia & New Zealand


The Hayek Fund for Scholars supports students and faculty who are researching and teaching the ideas of liberty within the social sciences and humanities by funding a wide range of research- and career-advancing activities. Awarded on a rolling basis, the Hayek Fund for Scholars helps pay for activities including (but not limited to):

  • Travel for paper presentations or job interviews at academic conferences
  • Submission fees for unpublished manuscripts and academic journals
  • Travel for archival research
  • Purchase of data sets
  • Participation in seminars, mock job interviews, and peer reviews
  • Collaborative research projects or hiring a research assistant
  • Facilitation of thought-provoking reading groups and book clubs with students
  • Reimbursement of application fees for PhD programs

Applications are accepted year-round, on a rolling basis. Applications for the Hayek Fund must be submitted online at least 4 weeks in advance of your activity to allow the review committee ample time to consider your application.