Pedro Rabelo Erber

Director, East Asia Program
Pedro Rabelo Erber


Pedro Rabelo Erber is an associate professor of Luso-Brazilian studies in the Department of Romance Studies. His research interests include Brazilian and Japanese intellectual history, literature, and visual cultures; peripheral modernisms; Lusophone literature and culture; and articulations of humanistic enquiry and economic theory. He teaches courses on Brazilian critical theories, aesthetic economies, transatlantic Lusophone literatures, Brazilian visual arts and cinema, aesthetic theory, and core courses on Brazilian studies.

He is the author of Breaching the Frame: The Rise of Contemporary Art in Brazil and Japan (University of California Press, 2014), Política e Verdade no Pensamento de Martin Heidegger(P.U.C.-Rio/Loyola, 2003), and numerous articles on political thought, Brazilian and Japanese art, literature, and aesthetics.

He holds a PhD from Cornell University (2009), MA from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2000), and BA from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1998). He is a graduate field member in Romance Studies, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, and Comparative Literature.