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Makers' Workshops

A project of the Qualities of Life Working Group

The Qualities of Life Working Group began running “makers’ workshops” in the spring of 2018. These are intensive, collaborative experiments in making and movement. They pose questions about thinking through action (e.g., drawing, moving, planting, writing, building, etc.). Participants are modes of attention that might enable accounts of how bodies and environments emerge together in action.

The workshops in April and May 2018 were run by landscape architect Margot Lystra. Building on score-based movement practices from the 1960s and 1970s, she led the group through a series of exercises to examine the embodiments of design work and the possibilities of generating moments of bodily solidarity through the interventions into collective corporal experience.

Both workshops foregrounded action as the site of intervention, such that relationship, position, temporality, duration, etc. become the substance of the work. That shifting of focus created a uniquely open space for questioning and reconditioning old habits on new terms. These old habits are both physical and theoretical. We raise challenging questions from our multidisciplinary perspectives about visual and the haptic, about form of interventions and the possibilities of world-making, and about bodily experience.

By building and sharing models, spaces, and prosthesis that might extended or translate individual embodied experience, however, we exploring together ways of moving beyond critique. For many in the group the big questions about knowledge and collective action raised here come out of, and feed back into, our project-based work.

– Stacey A. Langwick, coordinator
Qualities of Life Working Group

Workshop participants 

  • Stacey A. Langwick, anthropology, associate professor
  • Margot Lystra, landscape architecture, instructor
  • Lucinda Ramberg, anthropology, associate professor
  • Rachel Prentice, science and technology studies, associate professor
  • TJ Hinrichs, history, associate professor
  • Kaja McGowan, history of art & visual studies, associate professor
  • Conerly Casey, Rochester Institute of Technology, Society of the Humanities, anthropology, associate professor
  • Rhoda Maurer, Cornell Botanic Gardens, director of horticulture
  • Charis Boke, anthropology graduate student
  • Mariangela Jordan, anthropology graduate student
  • Jinglin Piao, anthropology graduate student
  • Bruno Seraphin, anthropology graduate student
  • Yagna Nag Chowdhuri, South Asian studies graduate student
  • Parth Divekar, landscape architecture graduate student
  • ​Liam Martin, art & architecture undergraduate student