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Fulbright Fellowship Recipients

Project Title Recipients
"(Dis)Placing the American Revolution: The British Province of Qu Jacqueline Reynoso
"Vernacular Histories and Science in Twentieth-Century India: The Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu" Andrew Amstutz
A Landscape Archaeology of Emerging Complex Polities in First Millennium B.C. Cyprus Catherine Kearns
A Study of the Rural Service Requirement for Medical Scholarship Students in Nepal

Devon McMahon

Agriculture and Migration in France and Francophone West Africa

Fisher-Post Matthew

Amaranth: Cultural Education on Nutritious Grain Promotes Dietary Changes in Oaxaca, Mexico Sujin Lee
An Ecology of Exile: The Ushuaia Penal Colony and the Nature of "The End of the World" Ryan Edwards
Artisanal Nation: Heritage Production and the "Crafting" of Identification in Sri Lanka Aimee Douglas
Assessing Court Efficiency in Rural Zambia Tony Zhou
Bang Daniel Pena
Being Mortal: Understanding the Limitations of Medicine in South Korean Palliative Care Grace Ahn
Bi-National Internship Program

David Guhl

Binational Business Internship

Erika Van Gundy

Class and Nation Across a Shifting Border: The Peruvian-Chilean Maritime World, 1850-1930

Joshua Savala

Coalition Building in Serbia Kevin Bassney
Collaborative Development of an integrated Aquaculture System in Meknes

Abbey Doyno

Comparing Methods of Imaging Galactic Clusters Breana Branham
Competing for Power: Identifying Institutional Influence in Authoritarian Regimes Darin Self
Contemporary Chinese Concert Music: Stylistic Trends and Social Significance Niccolo Athens
Creating Sustainable Development Through Locally Sourced Water Filtration

Michael Erickson

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity among the Ancient Maya Mallory Matsumoto
Dams, Development, and Democracy: Participatory Decision-Making in the Brazilian Amazon

Maya Tellman

Danish Co-Design for Inclusion: Methods for Designing with Persons with Disabilities Kelton Minor
Divinity and the State: Ideas, Politics, & History in Egbáland, Nigeria, 1877-1940

Adrian Deese

Ecological Effects of Water Management on Tropical Highland Streams Alexander Alexiades
Enclosure and Exclusion: Fortresses and the Disciplinary Landscape on Bronze Age Cyprus

Ellis Monahan

English Teaching Assistantship Andrew Jungkuntz
English Teaching Assistantship Moniek van Rheenen
English Teaching Assistantship Choumika Simonis
English Teaching Assistantship Rebecca Lee
English Teaching Assistantship Salem Argaw
English Teaching Assistantship Cole DeVoy
English Teaching Assistantship

Nigel Van Der Woude

English Teaching Assistantship

Selena Cardona

English Teaching Assistantship Elizabeth Soltan
English Teaching Assistantship Jennifer Alvarado-Ross
English Teaching Assistantship Nneamaka Obodoagha
English Teaching Assistantship Elaine Glenny
English Teaching Assistantship Sheveena Rowe
English Teaching Assistantship Dustin Liu
English Teaching Assistantship Etinosa Obanor
English Teaching Assistantship Emily Magaziner
English Teaching Assistantship Iris Malone
English Teaching Assistantship Kate Ellen Dean
English Teaching Assistantship Yoon Sung Choi
English Teaching Assistantship Shannon Frank
English Teaching Assistantship Tzvetelina Nikolova
Environmental Impact Analysis of Gravity Driven Water Treatment Plants

Walker Grimshaw


Jensen Cheong


Nathan Floro


Savannah Dowling


Margaret Holly


Catherine Klapheke

Evaluating Serological Glypican-3 as a Diagnostic Marker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Yejoo Jeon
Floating in "Stagnant Water: Thai Film and National Development, 1950's to 1970's Rebecca Townsend
Floc Blankets for Better Health: Honing the Technology of Affordable Clean Drinking Water Andrew Hart
From Pyongyang to Incheon: Refugee Resettlement in Asia's Migratory Microcosm

Teresa Kim

Hindustani Music as Non-Invasive Perceptual Therapy for Children with Autism in Delhi Jeffrey Valla
History of Abstraction in Post-independence India 

Sadia Shirazi

Impact of Peer-to-Peer Education Campaign on Menstrual Hygiene Michele Daukas
Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

Raechel Schneider

Integrating Eastern and Western Medicine to Address China's Nutritional Deficiencies Laura Pompano
Intra-household factors contributing to gender-based nutritional inequalities in India Preethi Ravi
Int’l Master’s Program in Int’l Studies at National Chengchi University (IMPIS

Honoroe Johnson

Investigating Mechanisms of Gender-Based Violence: Youth Perceptions of Gender Inequality

Noemi Plaza

Islamic and Jewish law in Democratic Canada J.R. Rothstein
Listening to Listeners: An Ethnography of Opera in Contemporary Italy

Kim Danyoung

Living With Giants: An Ethnography of Human-Elephant Relations in Malaysia Justin Weinstock
Mate Choice and Inbreeding Avoidance in the Threatened Natterjack Toad in Sweden Pavitra Muralidhar
Mathematical Modeling of MAP Infection Dynamics: the bulk tank and the farm environment

Annabelle Beaver

Mountains that Connect, Railroads that Divide: Mobile Peoples and the Transandean Railroad

Kyle Harvey

Music of Vietnam: Folk-masters, Modern Composers, and Contemporary Electronic Artists Corey Keating
North Korean Defectors: Problems with One on One Sales and Its Causes Joshua Kim
Not Found

Jeffrey Wall

Nutrition and Hepatitis B Infection in Ecuador Abigail Fessler
Order and Chaos: Redistribution of Residential Property in East Berlin Sarah Steece
Pilot Study of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant Operations Smartphone Tracker

Keller Ethan

Pilot Study of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant Operations Smartphone Tracker

Ethan Keller

Politics of the Landless: Development and Resistance in Rural Bangladesh Kasia Paprocki
Powering Change: Renewable Energy and Socio-ecological Transformation in Jordan Kendra Kintzi
Providing artificial nesting cavities in Sulawesi: opportunities for people and birds Eric Gulson
Quality of Life in Elder Care Homes in Japan and Developing an Optimal Care Environment Daniel Ward
Regulating the Weapons of War Naomi Egel
Renunciation and Environmentalism amongst the Bishnoi of North India

Vincent  Burgess

Ridding India's water of fecal bacteria, one step at a time

Michela Catena

Security, Science and the State: Israel's Biometric Database Michelle Spektor
Shall I Stay or Shall I Go? Workplace Policy Effects on Immigrant Retention in Japan Hilary Holbrow
Sounded Imaginings: Music and Identity in Twenty-First Century Japan Jillian Marshall
Stigmatization and Healthcare Engagement of HIV Positive, IV Drug Abusing Women in Ukraine Amy Allen
Stories my Sisters Told me: Sisterhood, Tradition & Transformation Through Storytelling. Emily Smith Chammah
Stories of the System: Capital?s Representation in Crisis Nathan Taylor
Telling the Story of Siuna: a Novel and Radio Program about Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast

Lauren Schenkman

The Impact of Grazing on Grassland Biodiversity in Java Arjun Potter
The Interaction of Customary and State Land Institutions in Zambia Lauren Honig
The Interplay of Culture and Reptiles in Morocco Jessica Tingle
The Logic of Egalitarianism: Materiality, Meaning, and Politics in the Early Bronze Age. Gabrielle Borenstein
The people and the sea: Towards sustainable management of Chilean kelp forests

Sara Gonzalez

The Political Effects of Non-States Service Provision Erin Hern
The Right Price: Land Markets in Northwestern Urban Peripheries Zachary Montague
The waterscapes and knowledge networks of climate change in Nicaragua

Rachel Odhner

Traditional Crops of the Q’eqchi’ Maya: Socioeconomic and Conservation Benefits

Sidney Madsen

Trailer Trash: Affordable Nomadic Prototypes

Joseph Kennedy