Small Grant Recipients

Project Title Recipients
Africa Counts: Using the CISER Model to Boost Social Science Data Capacity in Francophone Africa

Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Development Sociology)

AguaClara International Travel

Leonard Lion (School of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Around Abhinavagupta: Aspects of the Intellectual History of Kashmir, From the 9th to the 11th Centuries

Lawrence McCrea (Asain Studies)

Assessment of Hygiene Behaviors and Exposure to Fecal Bacteria among Infants and Young Children in Rural Pakistan for the Development of Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Interventions

Dr. Saurabh Mehta (Nutritional Science), Dr. Rebecca Stoltzfus (Nutritional Science), Dr. Sana Mujahid (Visiting Fellow, Nutritional Sciences)

Burma/Myanmar Research Forum: Critical Scholarship and the Politics of Transition

Magnus Fiskesjo (Department of Anthropology)

Burma/Myanmar Research Forum: Rethinking boundaries in and about Burma/Myanmar

Anne Blackburn (Asian Studies)

Citizens and the State in Authoritarian Regimes: Comparing Mass Politics and Policy in Russia and China

Jessica Weiss (Government)

Conference on Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Business in India

Richard Coyle (Johnson School)

Conference on Feminist Jurisprudence in Shanghai

Cynthia Bowman (Law)

Conference on the Comparative Study of Legislative Politics

David Bateman (Government)

Conference Proposal Theorizing the Local Turn in Immigration Policy

Michael Jones-Correa (Department of Government)

Counterstories of Greater Mexico

Debra Castillo (Comparative Literature), Rafael Acosta Morales (Romance Studies), Gustavo Flores Macías (Government)

Course Development; Israeli Cinema

Deborah Starr (Near Eastern Studies)

Crazy Blood (temporary title) to be Performed in the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts

Melanie Dreyer-Lude (Department of Performing and Media Arts)

Custodial Detention in Early Modern England

Rachel Weil (History)

Data Collection and Research Initiative on Understanding Household Energy Consumption in China

Shanjun Li (Applied Economics and Management)

Data collection for the long-term impact of World War I on European political system development

Alexander Kuo (Government) 

Economic Methods for Historians

Louis Hyman (School of Industrial and Labor Relations)

Emerging Multinationals: Innovating to compete

Lourdes Casanova (Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management), Ravi Ramamurti (Northeastern University), Andrew Karolyi (Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management)

Enhancing Collaboration Between the University of Helsinki and Cornell University: Spring Workshop in Urban Ecology

Tom Whitlow (Department of Plant Sciences)

Environmental Education in the Age of Climate Change: Global Perspectives

Marianne Krasny (Department of Natural Resources)

Exile and Enclosure: Two-day International Conference to be held at Cornell University in May 2016

Raymond Craib (History)

Expert Roundtable: The Implementation of Domestic and International Prohibitions on Executing Mentally Ill and Cognitively Impaired Individuals

Sandra Babcock (Law School)

Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs, Course Development

Benjamin Lawrence and Mona Anita K. Olsen (School of Hotel Administration)

Global Environmental Sustainability and Citizenship Service Learning Initiative - Thailand

Shorna Allred (Department of Natural Resources)

Global Health Essentials Course

Satchit Balsari (Weill Cornell Medical College)

Global Land Grabbing II

Wendy Wolford (Department of Development Sociology)

Havana: Ecological Policies, Green Concrete, Bamboo Structures, and a Quest for a Tree

John Elliott (Department of Design & Environmental Analysis)

Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between: History and Politics in the Murals of Colonial Peru

Ananda Cohen Suarez (History of Art)

International Association for the Study of Popular Music, 18th Biennial IASPM Conference

Steven F. Pond (Music)

International Collaborative Empirical Research on Juries and Other Lay Participation Systems

Valerie Hans (Cornell Law School)

Keyboard Networks: Aesthetics, Power, Diplomacy

Annette Richards (Music)

LabPhone 15 - Speech Dynamics and Phonological Representation

Abigail Cohn (Linguistics)

Listening to Trauma Across Cultures

Cathy Caruth (English and Comparative Literature)

Loss of the Night: Knowing Lights Pollution in Contemporary Europe

Sara Pritchard (Science & Technology Studies)

Mesoamerica Tour—Cornell University Chorus and Glee Club

Robert Isaacs (Music Department) 

Partnership with Global Health Initiative

Eric Brumberger (Anesthesiology)

Perceptions of risks associated with climate change and adaptive strategies in the Philippines

Lindy Williams (Development Sociology)

Postcolonial Commemorations: How Revolutionaries became Freedom Fighters in Independent India

Durba Ghosh (History)

Producing New Images of the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

Sabine Haenni (Performing and Media Arts), Leslie Adelson (German Studies) 

Proposal for an International Development Planning Workshop in Solo, Indonesia

Victoria Beard (City and Regional Planning)

Provincializing French Intellectual History

Camille Robcis (History)

Pussy Riot at Cornell: Performance, Film Screening, and Panel Discussion

Alexander Livingston (Department of Government)

Re-Imagining the Grand Tour: Routes of Contemporary African Diaspora Art

Cheryl Finley (History of Art)

Reducing Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes by Means of Low-Tech Solutions

Madelon Finkel (Weill Cornell Medical College)

Religious Minorities in Asia

Chiara Formichi (Asian Studies)

Research and Policy to Promote Active Aging: An International Collaboration

Karl Pillemer (Human Development)

Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams (SMART) Program: Hands-On Research and Strategic Management Consulting in Emerging Markets

Ralph Christy (Applied Economics & Management)

Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams (SMART) Program: Hands-On Research and Strategic Management Consulting in Emerging Markets

Ralph Christy (Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management)

The Marzuolo Archaeological Project (MAP): Innovation and Community in the Roman Countryside

Astrid Van Oyen (Classics), Gijs Tol (University of Melbourne), Rhodora Vennarucci (University of Arkansas)

The Memorial Portrait Busts of Garibaldi’s Supporters on the Janiculum

Stan Taft (Art)

University of Malaysia at Sarawak Partnership for Indigenized Development and Climate Change

Shorna B. Allred (Natural Resources) 

Women in Global Health Initiative Symposium Fall 2014

Jennifer Downs (Weill Cornell Medical College)

Worth Your Salt: A Global History of the Wage from Ancient Times to the Present

Jefferson Cowie (Department of History)