Travel grant recipients 2016-2017

Recipient Name Project Title
Acorn, Elizabeth “Constructing Compliance in the Foreign Anti-Bribery Regime.”
Ahmad, Farhana Climate Vulnerability Assessments for the city of Khulna in Bangladesh
Ajl, Max The Politics of Price Setting: Farmers, Industrialists, the State, and Market-Making in Modern Tunisia
Allevato, Daniella Evolution of Phytochemical Diversity in Pilocarpus (Rutaceae) using a combined phylogenetic and environmental analysis
Aydin, Sena The Logics of Crisis in Spain: Everyday Economic Struggles and Grassroots Responses to the Neoliberal State
Baba, Ai Japanese Empire's Honne and Tatemae: Promotion of Japanese-Korean and Japanese-Taiwanese Marriage in Wartime Japan as an Anti-Racist Pretense
Barber, Samuel Art, Authority, and Identity in Early Medieval Italy
Bennett, Ruth Linking North American Migratory Birds with their Central American Wintering Grounds
Bhatnagar, Isha Exploring Techniques to Measure Gender Attitudes and Equality in india: Interviews with Gender Research Specialists in India
Botsio, Papa Kojo Education and Development in Ghana's 40 Year Development Plan: Drawing Lessons from Finland's Education Reform Success Since 1968
Brent, Liana Corporeal Connections: Grave Disturbance, Reuse and Violation in Roman Italy
Broner, Martina Literature as Spatial Intervention: Reinaldo Arenas and the Cuban Landscape
Buyco, Ryan The Uchinanchu Pacific: Mapping a Transpacific Okinawa in the Philippines and Hawai'i
Carson, Robert The development of criterions for slip transfer across grain boundary in the context of finite element simulations for the application of cyclic loading
Casis Garcia, Jose Antonio Design of an environmental governance instrument in a Natural Protected Area through an Alternative Conflict Resolution approach: The case of Oaxaca, Mexico
Cheung, Shoan Yin The Emergence of “Female Hormones” and New Modes of Bodily Care in Contemporary Japan
Ciribassi, Rebekah Becoming sickle cell: The lived experience of an emergent global health priority in Tanzania
Cole, Chelsea Investigating the Growth of Urbanization and the Built Environment in the Bronze Age Aegean – A Comparative Study of Palaikastro, Crete and Kalavasos, Cyprus
Coleman, Benjamin Land Use Planning in Mitigating Natural Hazard Risk in Manila, Philippines
Colt, Susannah Evaluation of a smartphone-based vitamin A assessment tool
da Silva, Washington Search for Molecular Markers in Potato Germplasm for PTNRD Expression
dalferro, alexandra Shimmering Surfaces and Stray Threads: Weaving State Politics into Silk in Contemporary Thailand
Das, Debak Settling Nuclear Crises: Why Nuclear Superiority does not matter for Regional Powers
Deutsh, Shoshana Conservation Mining: Sustainable Development, Technology, and Environmental Knowledge in New Zealand
Ding, Yuhua Tradition and Transformation: on the Collecting Practice of Chinese Painting in the Early Twentieth Century
Dumas, Sarah Assessing the impact of small-scale, semi-intensive egg production agribusinesses on maternal and child nutrition
Elmeligy, Rana Reviewing Impact Assessment in Grassroots Development: how does social impact assessment take place in practice?
Emmanuel, Kaitlin The 43 Group and Sri Lankan Modernism
Faxon, Hilary Gender and Land in Myanmar
Fear, Sean Republican Saigon’s Clash of Constituents: Domestic Politics and Civil Society in US-South Vietnamese Relations, 1967-1971
Foley, Kevin Pre-Dissertation Research Travel to Yangon
Garzon, Sara Mapping Emerging Artistic Pracitces of the Post-War Era in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica
Glaubman, Jane Deplorable Cultus: Tolkien, Fandom, and the Neoliberal Age
Goksel, Ayse Zeynep Min Shoof (We Will See): The Construction of Public Space in Beirut
Guzman, Elena (Re)Performing the Nation at the Frontier: Haitian and Dominican history and identity
Hansen, Lauren Stuck in the Middle: Development, Urban Ethnopolitics, and the Fight for Moral Authority in the Uyghur City
Harding, Amber Domestic Space, Identity, and Homecomings in the English Modernist Novel
Hirfrfot, Kibrom Intergenerational Effects of Childhood Shocks on Human Capital: Evidence from Ethiopia
Ho, Jing-Mao Averaged Communities: Social Statistics and Nation-building in Taiwan, 1949-2016
Hofmeister, Natalie A Population Genomic Approach to Understanding Freshwater Colonization and Local Adaptation in the Imperial Shag (Phalacrocorax atriceps)
Huey, Samantha The Impact of Iron-Biofortified Pearl Millet on the Infant Gut Microbiome and Immune Function
INKHONG, ORADI “Puje Drum” (re)constructing identity of Shan diaspora in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jackson, Lauren St. Eustatius and the Challenge to Atlantic British Trade
Kar, Gourab A study of the socio-medical dimensions of alternative sedentary postures with implications for health and design.
Keating, Corey Hanoi, Vietnam -- Researching traditional and contemporary musical traditions
Knippenberg, Erwin Striving and Thriving: do targeted transfers increase household’s resilience, allowing them to adapt against climate shocks?
Konya, Nazli Rethinking Resistance with Forms of "Living": Evidence from Turkey
Kunigami, Andre Keiji Seeing From the South: filmic vision and the affected spectator in Brazilian modernism
Kurniawan, Ferdinan Production task on Jakarta Indonesian and Betawi Malay speakers
Larson, Erin Consequences of disturbance history on community assembly in Andean headwater streams
Lawandow, Atoor Discourses of Affinity to Place in Eighteenth-century Adab
Lee, I-Zhuen Diagnosing Gods: Kokugaku, Medicine and the form of early Edo period Yomihon
Lee, Sujin Problematizing Population : The Politics of the Birth Control Movement and Eugenics in Modern Japan
Li, Jixing Neural Mechanisms of Relative Clause Processing in Chinese and English
Liam, Lawson Regulating Kampo: Food and Function in Japan
Lim, Jerry Fishing in Ehime: One Cooperative in Ozu
MacNeill, Keeley Interactions of arsenic and common elements in fresh water supplies.
Marshall, Jillian Aesthetic Capitalism: Music, Community, and Resistance in Contemporary Japan
Mascorella, Anna Restoration, Displacement, Appropriation: Negotiating the Baroque Legacy in Fascist Rome
McDermott, Martin Second Harmonic Scattering of Water-Structuring Proteins
Minarchek, Matthew Historical Geographies of Environmentalism and Conservation in Aceh, Indonesia
Murphy, David Peer Effects, Organic Fertilizers, and Soil Health: The Impact of Experiential Learning and Information Transfers on Farmer Valuations of Agricultural Inputs
Myers, Nicholas “The Violent Periphery: State Power in Northern New Spain”
Odhner, Rachel ​Climate science, water scarcity, and development: The new resource politics of Nicaraguan farmers
Ortiz, Jaime Effects of non-native earthworms on plant invasion in the Galápagos Islands
Park, Jahyon Hahamono and Japanese Melodrama
Patana, Anu Pauliina Fear of immigrants, the EU or discontent with "politics as usual"? Local-level determinants of support for the far right in Europe.
Paul, Elise A Public Health Approach to Suicide Prevention
Peng, Yiyun Traditional Iron Industry in Lishui, China
Peretz, Eliad Computer Optimization and 3D Printing of Quantum Dot
PIAO, JINGLIN Hygiene in the Highlands: Ethnic Minorities’ Reaction to Relocation and Modernization in Southwest China
Polmuk, Chairat Haunted Archives: The Affective Economy of Trauma Narratives in Post-Cold War Southeast Asia
Pompano, Laura Defining the Functional and Metabolic Role of Iron in the Relationship Between Aerobic Training and Physical Performance
Posner, Simon ‘Dynamic Busan’: Urban Governance in an Emerging ‘Hub’ City
Pozsonyi, Kriszta Bedtime (Hi)Story: The Hungarian TV Teddy Bear
Rahadiningtyas, Anissa Threading Maritime Pathways: Art, Islam and the Making of the Modern in Indonesia during the New Order Period 1970-1998
Robinson, Ewan How inclusive are agricultural investments? The social dynamics of agricultural partnerships in Tanzania
Roblin, Stephen Latin America and Anti-Hegemonic Contestation
Sanadhya, Varun Touching the Untouchable, Between Practice and Theory
Santoso, Marianne Participatory Agroecology, Nutrition and Gender Study
SARI, ELIF "Faggot vs. Terrorist": Queer Asylum from the Middle East
Sasso, Nadia Transnational Anxiety and the African Global Politics of Race and Ethnicity
Shliselberg, Andrea Animal Welfare in Phuket
Sinha, Saumitra Preparing for unforeseen challenges of water management due to climate change.
Smith, Courtney Integrated Landscape Management Innovations in Ethiopia: Case Study of Wichi Wetlands and Bohele Integrated Watershed
Smith, Janet Trying to help in a context of distrust: Islamic Charities in Mali
Stock, Emiko Multiple Exposures: Toward a historical & visual anthropology of Chams in Cambodia and Iran
Swift, Rose Eco-evolutionary consequences of reproductive investment in a changing world
Tally, Kaja Second Season: Horti Stabiani Database
Turtas, Lia The Automaton of Italian Cinema: Towards a Reinterpretation of Humanism in the Age of the Cinematic Apparatus
Utne, Kelsey Colonial Memories: Public History of the British Raj in Postcolonial South Asia
Valdez Tappatá, Maria Jimena Protest waves in contemporary Latin America
Valenzuela, Cristian The end of Chilean Political status quo: an overview of the radical shifts in key policy issues in the last decade.
Vishwas, Amit Characterizing the stellar populations of galaxies in the early Universe using the 2nd generation Redshift (z) Early Universe Spectrometer (ZEUS-2)
Vu, Hoang Journey from the Victory: Vietnamese Foreign Policy from Independence to Interdependence, 1975-1995
Wen, Hui Urbanization, migration, and human development: An exposition on China's new growth model
Wen, Xin (Olivia) Synchrony in Finnish Tango: The perception of musical beat and its manifestation in physical and social domains
Willen, Alexander The Consequences of Residential Segregation: Evidence From Sweden
Wong, Michelle Molybdenum as a control on nitrogen-fixation and tropical forest function in Amazonia
Yang, Yang Yang- The Development of Implicit Emotion Knowledge among Chinese School-aged Children
York, Leigh Periodicals, Cases, Novels: Modes of Narrative Serialization from 1780-1900
Yu, Elaine The interplay of diabetes and tuberculosis and the impact of vitamin D supplementation