Travel grant recipients 2017-2018

Recipient Name Project Title
Ahmad, Farhana Climate Adaption and Water Scarcity in Khulna Bangladesh
Ajl, Max The Politics of Price Setting: Farmers, Industrialists, the State, and Market-Making in Modern Tunisia
Aupiais, Juan-Jacques Theorizing Zen Practice in the Kyoto School
Aydin, Sena Logics of Crisis in Spain: Everyday Economic Struggles and Grassroots Responses to the Neoliberal State
Barnes, Mariel The Politics of Domestic Violence
Bilir, Canbekir Theory and Analysis of Contemporary Music
Borenstein, Gabrielle The Logics of Egalitarianism: Materiality and Meaning Making in the Kura-Araxes Horizon (3500-2400 BCE)
Bosworth, Amanda Maritime Maneuvers: North Pacific Relations Across the Russian Arc of Empire, 1867-1939
Brent , Liana Disturbed, Damaged and Discarded: Roman Post-Burial Practices
Brody, Marilyn Evaluation of Marine Ecosystem Management Strategies in Southeast Asia
Carter, Samuel Listening to the lustrabotas: Noise and the Nation in Argentina
Chai, Minqi Tracing Public Opposition about Chinese Investment: A Case Study of Southeast Asia
Chakraborty , Rukmini “Salt, Blood and Bullion”: Studying the activities of Arab traders in late eighteenth century Eastern Indian Ocean (c.1780-1815)
Chang van Oordt, David Role of host migratory behavior on parasite-host interactions, diversity patterns and evolution of avian malaria.
Chorover, Talia Ecological Calendars in the Pamirs
Ciribassi, Rebekah Drawing Bloodlines through Sukumaland: Sickle cell disease diagnosis and the politics of belonging in northwest Tanzania
Colt, Susannah Vitamin A Deficiency: Assessment and Implications for Dengue Immunopathology
De Micheli, David Racial Change, Education Reform, and Political Identity Formation in Brazil
Degner, Ethan Understanding how mosquito feeding behavior links poverty and disease
del Real Contreras, Irene Regional pyrite chemical study on Iron Oxide Copper Gold deposits in northern Chile.
Dyzenhaus, Alex Land and Local Politics in Kenya
Egel, Naomi Lessons From Other Weapons: How Past Experiences Inform Approaches to Multilateral Security Governance
Fernandez, Juan Colonial Photography in Maritime Southeast Asia, 1850-1945
Foley, Kevin Political Communication in non-Democracies
Fothergill, Amy Improving Vitamin B12 status in Women of Reproductive Age in South India
Fox-Knudtsen, Karlie PhD Dissertation Research on Mining, Caste Politics, and Religion in Western Odisha
Fresko, Lara The Persistence of Historical Violence in Contemporary Art
Friesenegger, Dietmar Music and Civic Identity in Multicultural Habsburg Czernowitz (1862-1918)
Garzon, Sara Major influences informing Contemporary Art after 1990 in the Andean Region
Gerdes, Rebecca Archaeological excavation with the Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project, Cyprus
Griswold, Delilah Modernizing Agriculture in Fiji: Discourse and Practice of Sustainable Development
Guetterman, Heather Targeting Vitamin B12 Deficiency at the Point-of-Care to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Southern India
Gurung, Sampreety The Politics of Im(mobilities): Labor Migration from Nepal to Malaysia
Han, Jihyun In Search of a 1950s Chinese Industrial City in Russian Archives
Hendrickson, Janet Citing Sources: Aesthetic Appropriations of the Reference Book in Argentina and Brazil
Hoffmann de Carvalho, Mariana Olympic Villages: Strengthening Government Capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects in Brazil
Hong, Dae Un North Korean Perspectives on International Law
Ilandari Dewa, Geethika Dharmasinghe Militant Buddhism and Attacks on Muslims: a comparative study between Sri Lanka and Burma
Inkhong, Oradi Making Music Making Home: The Construction of “Home” Consciousness among Shan Migrant Communities in Thailand
Jack, Margaret A Historical and Ethnographic Inquiry into Cambodian Media Creation and Reconstruction
Jordan , Mariangela You Are Not My Brother: Mizo Nationalism at the Edge of the Empire
Kim, Adoree The Perils and Pitfalls of Anti-Corruption Reform: The Impact of South Korea’s Kim Young-ran Law
Konya, Nazli The Power in Acts of Resistance
Krachler, Nikolaus Understanding the Impact of Public Contracting on High Quality Work Practices in British Healthcare
Lagodny, Julius Right Religions? The Conditional Effects of Christian Denominations on Voting Behavior in Europe
Larkin, Heather Granular Characterization of HIV and Chronic Disease in Rural South India
Lee, sooyon Internet Art Archive Research
Long, Mary Kate Language Study and Pre-Dissertation Research
Lord, Austin The Power Corridor: Disaster Recovery, Energy Security, and Local Elections in Post-Earthquake Nepal
Maspong, Sireemas Effects of talkers’ age on recognition memory: a case study of vowel shortening in Thai
McLellan, Timothy Ethics and Expertise in the Shadow of Authoritarianism: An ethnography of agro-ecological scientists in southwest China
Menevse, Asli Monuments on Paper: Transatlantic Radical Left and Politics of Memory (1871-1914)
Myers, Nicholas Historical Militarization of the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands
Ndungu, Samwel Effects of Litigation on Socioeconomic Rights: Normativization and Depoliticization in South Africa
Odhner, Rachel Adapting to climate change and the precarity of water in Nicaragua
Ospina Romero, Sergio Local Musics for a Global Industry: The Recording Expeditions of the Victor Talking Machine through Latin America, 1905-1928
Ouyang, Can Dragons in the west: localization strategies of Chinese Multinationals in developed countries
Park, Jahyon The Popularity of Misaeng among Male Audiences and its Reconfiguration of Masculinity in Contemporary Korean Media Studies
Parkinson, Rebecca Impact Investment for Food Security and Nutrition
Paul, Elise Evaluating the Impact of a 4-level Community Wide Suicide Prevention Program on Suicide Deaths
Peretz, Eliad Absorption Management in Perovskite Solar Cells
Phyars-Burgess, Sasha British Dancehall: Changing Culture, from the Outside in
Pompano, Laura Intensive Summer Language study - Airfare
Posner, Simon Capitalism and the Future: Entrepreneurs in South Korea’s Creative Economic Startup Ecosystem
Rahadiningtyas, Anissa Art, Islam, and the Makings of the Modern in Indonesia during the New Order Period
Restrepo-Mieth, Andrea The Agents of Change: Institutionalizing progressive planning practices in Medellin, Colombia
Robinson, Ewan How inclusive are agricultural investments? The social dynamics of a Tanzanian Growth Corridor
Rosalie, Purvis Refugee Radio Hamburg: A Best Practice Model for Facilitating Refugee Narratives
Saint Germain, Yamatha Facilitating a Market Analysis and Capacity-Building Training for Agribusinesses in Rwanda
Sanchez-Gomez, Jose The Politics of Constitutional Change in South America’s turn to the Left
Santos, Jaynel The case of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines: Alternatives to traditional flood mitigation plan for river flow
Scheimreif, Kayla Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Biodiversity in the Pamir Mountain Region: The Effects of a Changing Climate
Self, Darin Surviving Democracy: How Authoritarian Successor Parties Survive and Thrive
Senapaty, Trishna Studying the Legal-Carceral Interface in India: Mapping the field
Singh, Seema Exploring transport and gender linkages in Indian cities
Smith, Janet Navigating Alternatives in the Political Economy of Development
Song, Xisai Archival Research on Medical Malpractice in China
Stoltz, Matthew Towards a Positive Faith: Religious Skepticism in German Letters, 1750-1800
Subramanyam, Nidhi A stinking problem? Sanitation, sewage, and small cities in Tamil Nadu, India
Sujin, Lee Japan's Biopolitical Modernity: Population Control Policies in Transwar Japan
Swanson, Jacob Coining a Nation, Constituting a People
Tally-Schumacher, Kaja Casa della Regina Carolina Pompeii, Italy Excavation
Taylor, Whitney Law, Rights, and Legal Consciousness in South Africa
Toor, Gaurav Inder Singh Improving Interethnic Tolerance in Kenya
Utne, Kelsey South Asian Landscapes of Death: Military Cemeteries and War Memorials
Uy, Wayne Isaac Enhanced Sampling in Bayesian Inverse Problems
Vaghela, Palashi Reimagining technology and subversion: Towards feminist design and use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in India
Vazquez Enriquez, Emily Celeste New urban and cultural realities amid a humanitarian alert in the Mexico/United States and Mexico/Guatemala borders
Vo, Alex-Thai Social-Political Transformation in North Vietnam’s Countryside
Wang, Anran Field research in South Korea and China on China’s historical interpretation and commemoration concerning ethnic Koreans
Weiss, Amelia Invertebrate community structure in aquatic caves of Quintana Roo, Mexico
Welklin, Joseph Poor bedfellows: the cost of producing a sexual signal in a competitive social environment
Wen, Xin (Olivia) Social affiliation and music-induced synchrony in dance
Wijaya, Elizabeth Cinema after the Death of Cinema: Fu Hou Grand Theater in New Taipei City
Wong, Michelle The role of nitrogen fixation in Amazon forest fire recovery
Xu, Yuanshuo Shrinking Cities in Urbanized China: Geographic Diversity of State Rescaling
Zhang, Youyi Foreign Investment, Heterogeneous Multinationals, and Political Consequences: Southeast Asian States’ Varied Responses to Chinese Investment
Zink, Sydney You Talk a Good Game: Gaming Accessibility through Speech Narrative