Blalock, Garrick : Seed Grant, 2014-2015


Garrick Blalock (Applied Economics and Management)

Not Provided
Project Title: 
Leveraging the Commercialization of Animal Bone-Derived Biofertilizers to Create Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Landless Poor in Ethiopia
Project Abstract: 
The project includes building supply chains, production facilities, distribution networks, as well as examine the proper pricing, branding, marketing, trademarking, and quality control measures of a yet undeveloped market. Since the project infrastructure is already in place from an initial grant, the researchers have added a randomized trial in which some households are given the opportunity to collect bone waste for pay (paid by weight) and others are not. With entry and exit surveys and the quantitative measure of bone mass collected (and money paid to each household), the project may gain additional insight into the abstract of a new entrepreneurial opportunity on the livelihood of participants.