Christy, Ralph : Small Grant, 2013-2014


Ralph Christy (Applied Economics & Management)

Project Title: 
Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams (SMART) Program: Hands-On Research and Strategic Management Consulting in Emerging Markets
Project Abstract: 
This proposal seeks funding to support the field course component of AEM 4421: Research and Strategy in Emerging Markets offered by the Emerging Markets Program in the Department of Applied Economics and Management. This spring semester course is a core element of our training in entrepreneurship, international business and economic development and is an extension of our fall semester course, AEM 4420: Emerging Markets. The field course offers a unique opportunity for students to gain practical business experiences in emerging markets. A multidisciplinary team of four to six students from across Cornell University is assigned to a company in an emerging economy. The team prepares in the fall semester and then travels to the country or region of assignment in early January to complete a two-week consultancy. The project involves targeting an issue, problem, or decision that is central to the firm’s strategy, with project types ranging from market entry strategy, product line extension, value chain definition and analysis, product delivery channel definition and analysis, and competitive strategy. The students work on the problem, under the supervision of Applied Economics and Management faculty/research associates who have experience in that country or region, and report to the client-firm at the end of the two week period with an executive summary of findings. In the spring, the team completes a full report, often in the form of a case study.