Garces, Chris : Seed Grant 2015-2016


Chris Garces (Anthropology)

Arts & Sciences
Project Title: 
An Ethnographic and Legal Collaboration to Develop a Hemispheric Institute for Carceral Studies
Project Abstract: 
The project aims to develop an Institute for Hemispheric Carceral Studies at Cornell University. It will build on the collaboration with the Stanford Center for Human Rights (SCHR), which has solicited PIs from other universities (with independent funding) to work on a Latin American legal and fieldwork-based study regarding (a) how to decrease the prison overcrowding, and (b) how to best promote shared governance between prisoner collectives and national prison establishments. The target countries for SCHR’s multi-site research project include Panama, Peru, and Dominican Republic. Over the course of twelve months of field research alongside the SCHR, and legal workshops to be held at Stanford and Cornell, the goal of this project is to apply for large-scale external funding that will allow both PIs to organize a Cornell Institute for Hemispheric Carceral Studies.