Hobbs, Peter: 2012-2013 Seed Grant


Peter Hobbs (International Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Project Title: 
Development of a Meaningful International Internship Program in the Southern Mexican State of Chiapas
Project Abstract: 
The College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Internationalprogram and the Latin American Studies Program organizedthe IARD/LATA 6010 field trip to Mexico in 2012 for 13 Cornellstudents and 2 faculty members in the Southern Mexican Stateof Chiapas. It differed from the trips made over the past 40+years by having students spend an additional 6-8 weeks after the2 week trip doing internships with organizations in Chiapas thatwere funded by Kellogg Foundation. The seed fundingwill help to develop a strong, safe link with the various farmers andagencies associated with the “Consejo de Cuenca de la Costade Chiapas” (CCCC) in the Chiapas State of Mexico that willresult in meaningful internships for Cornell students. The CCCC consists of a watershed area of Southern Chiapas that extendsfrom the coastal mangrove areas to lowland areas with cropand livestock farming to forested mountain areas with coffeethat impact biological diversity and natural resources. This makes it an ideal laboratory for a multiple-disciplinary suite of Cornell students to obtain valuable,interactive international experience and research in their fields ofstudy. The participation of Mexican students and interactions withlocal NGO’s and Mexican Government agencies working in thisarea will also be promoted.