Knippenberg, Erwin: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dyson School, Applied Economics and Management
Project Title: 
Striving and Thriving: do targeted transfers increase household’s resilience, allowing them to adapt against climate shocks?
Project Abstract: 
 As climate change increases the incidence of droughts and floods, we seek to develop a method for evaluating policies meant to mitigate shocks by increasing household resilience. Focusing on the PSNP, a combined cash-transfer and public works program in Ethiopia, we track household’s post-shock recovery trajectory and seek to determine whether beneficiaries recover faster. In order to address the potential endogeneity of our treatment variable, payments in cash or kind, we use project level instruments, which we argue are orthogonal to individual household circumstance. We find suggestive evidence that treatment reduces the post-shock incidence of hungry months.