Krachler, Nikolaus: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)
International and Comparative Labor
Project Title: 
Understanding the Impact of Public Contracting on High Quality Work Practices in British Healthcare
Project Abstract: 
Improving the quality of work practices in healthcare, especially the coordination of healthcare services, has been a recent aim of policymakers in many countries. It is particularly important for chronic disease and low-income patients. Though most studies show improved coordination leads to better health outcomes there is a lack of research on the factors that lead to improved coordination. However, it is important for public and corporate policymakers to understand these factors if they want to improve the quality of work practices. To understand the impact of public contracting on the quality of work practices I will conduct two months of fieldwork in London. I will choose two sets of provider organizations in low-income communities, examine how successful they are at translating contract specifications into their work practices aimed at chronic disease patients, and why they differ in their success.