Krasny, Marianne : Small Grant, 2013-2014


Marianne Krasny (Department of Natural Resources)

Department of Natural Resources
Project Title: 
Environmental Education in the Age of Climate Change: Global Perspectives
Project Abstract: 
Environmental education is an important field internationally in helping to address global issues such as climate change. A need exists for a comprehensive online environmental education course and textbook that covers climate change in addition to other environmental issues, incorporates findings from current research in learning, governance, psychology, and sociology, and engages students and faculty from multiple countries in exchanging ideas, research, and practice. To generate ideas and an outline for the proposed course and book, this project will bring together an international group of environmental education scholars for a one-day workshop prior to the North American Association for Environmental Education annual conference in Ottawa ON, in October 2014. The online course is expected to run for 12 weeks, with ten lectures by North American, European, South African, and Asian colleagues.