Kuo, Alex : Seed Grant, 2014-2015


Alex Kuo (Government)

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
New data collection effort for understanding elite and public responses to the Eurozone economic crisis, with evidence from Spain
Project Abstract: 
The economic crisis that has hit much of Europe between late 2007 and continues into 2014 has raised many theoretically important and policy-relevant questions. This project supports the writing of a book manuscript intended for publication with a major university press and a series of academic papers that seeks to address the following questions about the recent European economic crisis: what explains government policy choices since the onset of the major recession? What explains preferences and support for different policies viewed as possible solutions to the crisis, including a Eurozone exit for some countries, “austerity” measures, and labor market reforms? Critical components of this project include a new dataset on sub-national variation in exposure to the crisis and resulting changes in local-level preferences. So far the funds have been used to construct this municipal level dataset as well as gather relevant economic data from Southern European countries since the onset of the crisis.