Lust, Barbara : Seed Grant, 2013-2014


Barbara Lust (Human Development)

College of Human Ecology
Human Development
Project Title: 
A Cross-Linguistic Study of Young Bilingual Children's Language Development: Korean-English Children's Bilingualism
Project Abstract: 
Development of bilingualism (or multilingualism) has been argued to provide cognitive advantages in young children’s cognitive development, although this proposal remains debated today. One source of debate lies in the fact that much research has not carefully pulled apart the role of different languages and associated cultures that are involved in various types of bilingualism (or multilingualism). Another source of debate lies in the difficulty of developing methods to establish a child’s bilingualism. This pilot project will extend a new methodology to evaluate children’s language and cognitive development in a Korean-English child population, in preparation for a wider cross-linguistic analysis of the role of language and culture in such cognitive advantages. The main activities of this study largely involve establishing a network for participant recruitment, data collection and analysis of child bilingual data. This study requires 30 to 40 Korean-English bilingual participants and the seed grant funding will be used for collecting up to half of the bilingual data.