Tally-Schumacher, Kaja: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
History of Art and Visual Studies
Project Title: 
Casa della Regina Carolina Pompeii, Italy Excavation
Project Abstract: 
I am writing to apply for an Travel Grant so that I may participate in a new archaeological excavation in the garden of the Casa della Regina Carolina, a house in Ancient Pompeii, Italy.  I am a fifth-year History of Art PhD student.  I am studying Ancient Art and Archaeology with Dr. Annetta Alexandridis, with a focus in Roman Art and Archaeology.  My goal for the summer is twofold.  First, as project manager I plan to work with the directors of the excavation, Drs. Kathryn Gleason (Cornell Department of Landscape Architecture) and Caitlín Barrett (Cornell Department of Classics) to establish and manage the first season of our excavation.  The excavation and fieldwork at the ancient Roman house is focused on analyzing ancient gardens, a topic that is intimately connected to my dissertation.  My second goal is to continue field research for my dissertation in Rome, focusing particularly on the ancient gardens at Prima Porta just north of Rome.