Yoon, So-Yeon: 2012-2013 Seed Grant


So-Yeon Yoon (Department of Design and Environmental Analysis)

Project Title: 
Capturing Cross-Cultural Emotions of Designed Environments: The Case for High-Fidelity 3D Simulations with Psycho-physiological Measures
Project Abstract: 
Despite the significantly increasing role of global marketing, little research has addressed the cultural differences in emotional responses to environments. The goal for this project is to collect preliminary data aimed at demonstrating a new research model for assessing cross-cultural emotions of designed environments and establishing a collaborative network with research groups in Korea and Japan. The seed funding will be used to build an international research infrastructure and to perform a proof-of-concept, cross-cultural experiment using advanced simulation techniques and psycho-physiological measures. The results of these cross-cultural experiments will provide the basis for a major study on cross-cultural emotions of designed environments. Funding from this seed program will allow the principal investigator to solicit extramural funding.