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EAP Fall Event Schedule

Asain Street at Night
September 10, 2020
All event times are EST and held virtually.


          11    3:30-5:30    Shuheng "Diana" Zhang | University of Pennsylvania
                            Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium
                            Rhetorical and Receptional Politics of Cheng Xuanying’s (ca. 605-690) Commentary on Zhuangzi

            14    4:30-6:00    Mari Yoshihara | University of Hawaii
                            EAP Graduate Student Steering Committee
                            Dearest Lenny: Letters from Japan and the Making of the World Maestro

           21     4:30-6:00 Howard Chiang | UC Davis
                            Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific



               5    4:30-6:00    Paul Chang | Harvard University

                            Reinventing Family: The Rise of Non-Normative Households in South Korea
            16    12-noon-1:30       The Annual Hu Shih Distinguished Lecture
                            Meir Shahar | Tel Aviv University

                           Chinese Animal Gods 
            17    10-12-noon        Meir Shahar | Tel Aviv University
                            Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium          

                            Rare examples of texts from late imperial rural China: a temple diary, and ritual text

           19    4:30-6:00    Emily Yeh | University of Colorado

                            Cornell Contemporary China Initiative
                             Natural Infrastructure in China’s Era of Ecological Civilization

            21    12:30-2:00 ROUGH WORK with Shuang Shen | Penn State

            26    4:30-6:00    Bin Xu | Emory University

                            Cornell Contemporary China Initiative
                            Chairman Mao's Children: Politics, Generation, and China's Difficult Memory



           4      12-noon-1:30     Tinakrit Sireerat | Ph.D candidate | Cornell
                            ROUGH WORK: Sown in Grasses and Grains: Remaking Hokkaido for Livestock            

            11    3:30-5:30    Lan Li | Rice University
                            Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium
                            Fluid Bodies and Meridian Maps

            18 12-noon-1:30  Xisai Song | Ph.D. candidate | Cornell

            ROUGH WORK: In Search for a Cure: Trust and Social Inequality in Contemporary China


            4    3:30-5:30    Jisoo Kim | George Washington University
                            Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium
                            Reading Adultery in the Criminal Records of Late Chosŏn Korea            

            8    4:30-6:00    Miki Kaneda | Boston University
                            World Graphic Scores: Between the Notes of a Transpacific Avant-Garde

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