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Afiavi Caca (Calista) Akibode

Afiavi Caca (Calista) Akibode headshot

Graduate Fellow 2022-23

Afiavi Caca (Calista) Akibode is from Republic of Togo in West Africa and holds a master's degree in project management and economic development.  She previously worked as a technical advisor in entrepreneurship at the National Agency of Employment (NAE), and as an International Labor Organization (ILO) entrepreneurship trainer and coach. Owner of Calia Expertise, an incubation center for women entrepreneurship, she has also successfully organized several activities to support women empowerment. A recipient of the  Bouriez Family Fellowship, Afiavi is currently enrolled in the MPS Global Development program with a concentration on gender and development. She intends to promote women’s inclusion and economic empowerment in agriculture to support Africa's achieve its objective of gender equality and women empowerment.

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