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Eleanor Paynter

Eleanor Paynter headshot

Migrations Postdoctoral Fellow

Eleanor Paynter is part of the Einaudi Center's Migrations research team, building interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations around the study of migration.

She graduated from The Ohio State University with a doctorate in comparative studies. Her work is in the area of critical refugee studies, incorporating approaches from postcolonial, narrative, and cultural studies to consider experiences and representations of precarious migration, asylum, undocumented migration, and human rights. Focused on the Black Mediterranean, her research and public writing respond to anti-immigrant racism and the necropolitics of border control.  

Her current book project examines migration from Africa to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, drawing on migrant testimonies produced in Italy to reconsider the common framing of irregular migration as a crisis or emergency. She's also collaborating on a project about precarious mobilities and visual culture.

Eleanor has taught courses focused on migration, war and conflict, literature and film, Italian language, and writing. At Cornell, she is co-teaching the new course Migrations: A Global, Interdisciplinary, Multi-Species Examination.

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