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M. Adityanandana

M. Adityanandana Headshot

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2026

Committee Chair/Advisor: Jenny Goldstein

Discipline: Development Sociology

Primary Language: Indonesian, Balinese

Research Countries: Vietnam, Indonesia

Research Interests: My research focuses on dynamics of agrarian change, tourism development and its impacts on local livelihoods, environmental conflicts and movements, and the application of post-growth in the global South. My master’s thesis investigated an environmental conflict over a megatourism project in Bali, Indonesia where conflicting actors mobilized the same local philosophy in defending their claims and differing visions of development. For my PhD, I am interested in exploring agrarian differentiation and the aspiration of rural youth in farming amid tourism development, as well as the contradictory role of tourism in erasing and enabling smallholder farming in Bali. I also aim to explore the nexus of degrowth and critical agrarian studies by attempting to address – among other questions – who benefits from growth in the countryside?

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