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Shuai Zhou

A photo of Shuai Zhou

Visiting Scholar

Shuai Zhou is an associate professor at the School of International Economics and International Relations, Liaoning University in Shenyang, China. He is also the deputy secretary general of Liaoning Society of World Economy. He has received his PhD, MA, and BA degrees from Liaoning University. His research interests are fintech and international financial governance, international & comparative political economy (specifically macroeconomics and money), and East Asian studies. He has received the Youth Achievement Prize of the 8th session of Higher School Science Research Excellent Achievement Prize (Humanities and Social Science) from Chinese Ministry of Education. This prize is considered to be the China's highest award in the field of humanities and social sciences.

He has presided over 11 scientific research projects, including the National Social Science Fund of China. He is the author and co-author of 1 book and over 20 articles or book chapters. He promoted the research of international financial power index and international financial public goods in China. During his visit, his research will focus on "regional financial governance in East Asia" and "political economy of fintech industry development in East Asia".

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