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More than 450 faculty from across Cornell come together at the Einaudi Center to imagine and conduct global research. Over 150 graduate and undergraduate students find resources, inspiration, and a global scholarly community through Einaudi's eight regional and thematic programs and minors.

Professor, Applied Economics and Management

Geographic Research Area: India, China, and other emerging markets

Teaching/Research Interests: Macroeconomics of financial globalization, financial regulation, and monetary policy frameworks and exchange rate policies in…

FLAS Fellow 2020-2021

Degree: PhD, Near Eastern Studies.

Research interests: Jewish and Muslim diasporas, Sufism, and Persian literature.

Language: Persian

Project Leader, Ornithology

Karen Purcell is the project leader for Celebrate Urban Birds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

Senior Lecturer, Clinical Sciences

Robin Radcliffe is a senior lecturer in wildlife and conservation medicine. His research focuses on infectious disease investigation for the rare Indonesian rhinos.

Global Public Voices Fellow
José Ragas is an assistant professor of history, science, and technology studies at Universidad Catolica, Chile. As a 2020–21 Global Public Voices fellow, he is collaborating with Raymond Craib.
Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2019-2020

Committee chair/advisor: Kaja McGowan

Discipline: Art History

Primary Language: Indonesian…

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Geographic Research Interest: India-Pakistan

Teaching/Research Interest: Anthropology of the state, ethnographic film, minority citizenship, religious nationalism.

Graduate Student

Katie Rainwater is a PhD candidate in the Department of Development Sociology. Her dissertation research explores labor relations in the shrimp industries of Bangladesh and Thailand.

Committee chair/advisor: Eli Friedman

Adjunct Professor, Plant Breeding and Genetics

Geographic Research Area: India and Bangladesh

Teaching/Research Interests: Research and technology transfers to promote agricultural innovations

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Geographic Research Area: India

Teaching/Research Interests: Feminist, postcolonial and queer theories, religion and secularism, medicine and the body

LASP Graduate Fellow '20-'21

Cesar is a second-year doctoral student at Cornell Law School in the Doctor of the Science of Law program (J.S.D.). His research analyzes the legal transplant of the American criminal justice system—and the beyond a reasonable doubt standard—to Chile and Colombia…

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2024-25

Committee Chair/Advisor: TBD

Discipline: Global Development

Professor, Law
Reppy Institute Graduate Fellow
Professor, Maternal and Child Nutrition
Assistant Professor, Science and Technology Studies

Geographic Research Area: India

Teaching/Research Interests: History of science and technology, British empire from the 17th through the 19th centuries, science and the state, East India Company and the India Office in the…

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2023-24

Committee Chair/Advisor: TBD

Discipline: Global Development

Primary Countries: Indonesia

Senior Lecturer, Global Development

Annalisa Raymer directs the Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP). Her research focuses on communities as ecosystems of opportunities for individual and social learning that is lifelong, life-wide, and life-deep.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2024-2025

Committee Chair/Advisor: Marina Welker

Discipline: Anthropology

Primary Language: Indonesian…

Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language
Professor Emerita, Science and Technology
Professor, Architecture

Henry Richardson is a licensed architect, urban designer, and a nationally certified city and regional planner. Richardson conducts research on low-cost housing and urban settlement in developing countries, energy-conscious design, and the application of CAVE-based…

Director, Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

Rachel Beatty Riedl, our director since 2019, envisions the Einaudi Center as a home for…

Teaching Associate, Asian Studies

Geographic Research Area: India and Pakistan

Teaching/Research Interests: All levels of Urdu and advanced level of Hindi

Director, Latin American Studies Program

Kenneth M. Roberts is the Binenkorb Director of the Latin American Studies Program and Richard J. Schwartz Professor in Cornell's Department of Government.

Garvin Professor of Ornithology

Amanda Rodewald is senior director of conservation science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

James A. Perkins Professor

Eloy Rodriguez is a research scientist of chemical biology, ecology and medicinal chemistry, and toxicology of natural small molecules and glycoproteins from plants and arthropods that are important in ecological and biological interactions and human and animal…

Assistant Professor, History

Kristin Roebuck is drafting a book manuscript entitled Japan Reborn: Race and the Family of Nations after World War II.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: MPS

Anticipated Degree Year: 2020-21

Committee chair/advisor: Terry Tucker

Discipline: International Agriculture and Rural Development

Assistant Professor, Government

Bryn Rosenfeld's research interests include political behavior, development and democratization, protest, post-communist politics, and survey methodology.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2017-2018

Committee Chair/Advisor: Melissa Ferguson

Discipline: Psychology

Research Countries: Indonesia…

2021 Humphery Fellow

District director, Department of Development, Ministry Of Finance, Sri Lanka.

Global Public Voices Fellow

Maya Sahli-Fadel is a law professor at the University of Algiers.

Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences

David E. Sahn is an international professor of economics in the Division of Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Economics. Since 2015, he has been a research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany.

Distinguished Professor of Arts in Asian Studies

Naoki Sakai teaches in the departments of Asian studies and comparative literature and is a member of the graduate field of history at Cornell University.

Assistant Professor, Science and Technology Studies and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Juno Salazar Parreñas is a feminist science studies scholar who examines human-animal relations, environmental issues, and efforts to institutionalize justice. Parreñas’ book, Decolonizing Extinction: The Work of Care in Orangutan Rehabilitation (Duke UP,…

Hu Shih Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Paul Steven Sangren is a socio-cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on Taiwan and China. His earliest published work combines insights drawn from structuralist theory with practice-oriented critiques to illuminate Chinese ritual processes and cosmological…

Associate Professor, Anthropology and Latino Studies
Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: MA

Anticipated Degree Year: 2017-2018

Committee chair/advisor: Yuri Mansuri

Discipline: City and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture

Visiting Fellow

Harriman Samuel Saragih is currently a Visiting Fellow at SEAP through the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program. His teaching and research interests are in the field of Arts Marketing, Music Business Ecosystem, and Data-Driven Marketing.

Senior Lecturer, Tagalog

Maria Theresa Savella, a PhD candidate in linguistics at Cornell, teaches all levels of Tagalog (Filipino). She is co-author with John Wolff and Der-Hwa Rau of Filipino Through Self-Instruction (1991, rev.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2021-2022

Committee chair/advisor: Ruth Richardson

Discipline: Environmental Engineering

Primary Language:…

Program Manager
DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor, Government

Daniel Schade's work focuses on the political system of the European Union, with a focus on the role of institutions in the EU’s external relations, as well as the increasing politicization of EU policy-making.

Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning
Stephan Schmidt's research interests concern land-use policy, patterns, and processes.
Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Computer Science

Fred Schneider's research is intended to support the construction of concurrent and distributed systems for high-integrity and mission-critical settings. 

LASP Graduate Fellow '20-'21

Pablo is a second-year PhD student in the Government Department. His research focus is on criminal politics, electoral violence, and party institutionalization. 

Horace White Professor in Biology, Professor Emeritus

Thomas Seeley, College of Arts and Sciences, teaches courses on animal behavior and does research on the behavior and social life of honey bees. His scientific work focuses on understanding the phenomenon of swarm intelligence: the solving of cognitive problems by a…

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2020-2021

Committee chair/advisor: Tom Pepinsky

Discipline: Government, Comparative Politics

Primary Language:…

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2025-26

Committee Chair/Advisor: Christine Balance

Discipline: Performing and Media Arts (PMA)

Primary Countries…