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IAD Mini-Project Summer Grant

African man walking with cow

The mini-project summer grant engages with Cornell students who have ideas about how to improve the well-being of African communities. Working alongside fellow students and directly with African communities, projects will demonstrate clear community support measures and provide measures for long-term success.


Graduate students are eligible to submit proposals for projects that engage Cornell students (undergraduate or graduate) in the area of community development in Africa. Applicants are broadly encouraged to submit proposals for ideas that will have tangible impacts on improving the well-being of communities in Africa. Prospective applicants should take note of the following themes in crafting project ideas and proposals.

Project Themes

Grassroots & Community-Driven

Projects should demonstrate a clear community support measure. Local communities must be engaged in the planning and implementation of the research. The project’s budget must also include a 25 percent community contribution helping to ensure longevity and buy-in.


The proposed project must be achievable within a reasonable time frame and include a plan for the local community to maintain the proposed activity or progress on its own. 

How to Apply

Contact us for more information and to apply. 

Additional Information

Funding Type

  • Fellowship


  • Student