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Sidney Tarrow Paper Prize

Italian Parliament

Application Deadline: November 22, 2020

The Sidney Tarrow Paper Prize was created to honor Professor Tarrow's leadership in European Studies at Cornell and to extend his legacy of path-breaking work in comparative political science and social movement studies.

Sidney Tarrow is the Emeritus Maxwell M. Upson Professor and a founder of the Institute for European Studies. During his forty-year career at Cornell, Tarrow played a pivotal role in growing the IES funding programs that have launched the career of many Europeanists. Tarrow is also a visiting professor at Cornell Law School and the author of The Language of Contention: Revolutions in Words, 1688-2012 [Cambridge University Press, 2012] and Strangers at the Gates: States and Social Movements in Contentious Politics [Cambridge University Press, 2012]. His book Power in Movement [Cambridge Press] is a standard text for advanced students in political science and sociology. 


All graduates currently enrolled at Cornell, regardless of field, are eligible to apply. Papers considered must be journal-length manuscripts being prepared for submission.A prize will be awarded for the best paper written by a graduate student in the field of contentious politics or in European politics, sociology, or history.

The prize winner will be awarded $1,200 in their bursar account.

Contact IES with questions about this award.

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