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Undergraduate Internships or Senior Thesis Research in Latin America or the Caribbean

Three 2020 Summer Digital Interns

Come talk to us about funding options for your summer internship in Latin America or the Caribbean. 

The funding for these stipend awards are made possible from a Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) grant to the Cornell University Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program from the United States Department of Education. Email the LACS program manager to learn about the internships find out what's available in Ecuador.


If you have an internship opportunity you are exploring or if you are a junior (rising senior in summer '22) interested in doing field work in Latin America or the Caribbean for your undergraduate senior thesis, and have discussed it with your advisor, come and talk with the program manager about options for funding.

Meet LACS Virtual Intern Courtney Harris '22

How to Apply for LACS Virtual Internships           

Winter '22 Virtual & Summer '22 In-Person Internship Opportunities

Contact the LACS program manager for a Zoom appointment. We have some suggestions for internships in Ecuador depending upon your language ability and interests. The apply button takes you to the LACS email to request the internship application or tell us about an opportunity you are exploring.

ECUADOR - Winter 2022

If you are interested in a virtual internship during the winter break, please send your resume to and request an appointment with the Program Manager. Intermediate or higher level of Spanish preferred.

Engaged Internships: Teaching English to Young People from a rural high school supplementary training, learning some technical vocabulary and English grammatical structures working with youth from Tambillo Parish in the Mejia Canton, Pichincha Province and Aloag Parish is in the Pichincha Province, all in the Sierra Region of Ecuador. 

Research Internship: Carbon Storage in trees in the Amazon, Napo Provincia specifically, literature review.

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