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Laidlaw Scholars 2021

The inaugural cohort of Laidlaw Scholars comes from every corner of Cornell University. Over two years, the Laidlaw Scholars Program will support them in their research, provide extensive leadership training, and give them opportunities to apply their skills at home and abroad. 

Medha Bulumulla '23

Laidlaw Scholar Medha Bulumulla

Biometry & Statistics

Project: Innovations in Feed the Future Monitoring and Evaluation: Harnessing Big Data and Machine Learning to Feed the Future

Elena Chatrchyan '23

Laidlaw Scholar Elena Chatrchyan

International Agriculture & Rural Development

Project: Developing a Comprehensive Soil Health Roadmap for Armenia

Kristen D'Souza '24

Laidlaw Scholar Kristen D'Souza

Industrial and Labor Relations

Project: Intercultural Communication in the Call Center

Ethan Goldman '24

Laidlaw Scholar Ethan Goldman

Computer Science & Linguistics

Project: Interpopulation Competition and Cooperation: Mexican Maquiladoras and Local Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Mira Kudva Driskell '23

Laidlaw Scholar Mira Kudva Driskell

International Agriculture & Rural Development

Project: Grassroots Organizing within Podemos' Political Project

Melanie Marshall '24

Laidlaw Scholar Melanie Marshall

Food Science

Project: Japanese Understanding of Insects in the Age of Mass Extinction

Samuel Meisner '24

Laidlaw Scholar Samuel Meissner

Information Science

Project: Using Big Data to Investigate the Impact of Immigrants

Dana Oshiro '24

Laidlaw Scholar Dana Oshiro


Project: Quantifying Violence against Women in Trinidad and Tobago

Tina Ou '24

Laidlaw Scholar Tina Ou

Information Science & Economics

Project: Biculturalism and Social Changes

Emily Park '23

Laidlaw Scholar Emily Park

English & Business and Cognitive Science

Project: French Complicity in the Holocaust during German Occupation

Shilvaan Patel '24

Laidlaw Scholar Shilvaan Patel

Policy Analysis and Management

Project: Environmental Impacts of Index-Based Livestock Insurance on Local Rangeland Health

Ainav Rabinowitz '23

Laidlaw Scholar Ainav Rabinowitz


Project: Consequences of Militarized Law Enforcement: Middle East and Latin America

Makenna Ramsay '23

Laidlaw Scholar Makenna Ramsay

Animal Science

Project: International Comparison of Animal Shelter Oversight, Policies, and Results

Kobi Rassnick '24

Laidlaw Scholar Kobi Rassnick

Biological Sciences

Project: Genetic Evaluation to Improve Dairy Cattle Health and Production

Chris Rivera '24

Laidlaw Scholar Chris Rivera

Environment & Sustainability

Project: Addressing Food Insecurity through Kodomo Shokudo

Maiko Sein '23

Laidlaw Scholar Maiko Sen


Project: Snakes, Insects, Straw Roofs and Sustainability

Scott Siegel '24

Laidlaw Scholar Scott Siegel

Industrial and Labor Relations

Project: Assessing Priorities of Transatlantic Building and Construction Unions during COVID-19

Lia Sokol '23

Laidlaw Scholar Lia Sokol

Government & College Scholar Program

Project: Competition in an Authoritarian Regime: New Actors in Russian Politics

Andrew Talone '24

Laidlaw Scholar Andrew Talone


Project: Barbados's Implementation of the UN Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Krinal Thakkar '23

Krinal Thakkar - Laidlaw Scholar

Psychology & Biology and Society

Project: Addressing Disability in Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Desai Wang '24

Laidlaw Scholar Desai Wang


Project: 20-Minute Cities: Using Mobility Simulation to Strengthen Urban Resiliency

Sarina Zhou '24

Laidlaw Scholar Sarina Zhou

Economics & Law and Society

Project: Implementing UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Barbados