ISSI 2017 refugee and human rights resource list

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General refugee resources

Online materials

  1. Blog about Bhutanese Students (NYC based)
  2. Bhutanese Refugee Camp (Video 1, Video 2)       
  3. Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (BRYCS): National organization that provides information and previously provided technical assistance for refugee resettlement
    1. Refugee Children in US Schools Toolkit
      1. Birthdates of Refugee Children & Impact on Grade Placement
      2. Schools and Refugee Serving Agencies: To Start or Strengthen Collaborations
      3. Refugee Child Welfare: Guidance for Schools
      4. Federal Requirements to Provide Interpretation/Translation in the School
    2. Interviewing Refugee & Immigrant Children and Families
    3. Effective Use of Interpreters for School Staff International Student and Family Services
    4. Cultural Exchange Activity
    5. Challenges & Strengths of Refugee Students BRYCS
    6. Bridging Cultures in Our Schools: Involving Parents of Refugee Children
  4. Making the Difference (Blair & Bourne)
  5. A Resource Guide for Educating Refugee Children and Youth in New York State (State Education Department)
  6. Education & Refugee Students in Washington State (nonprofit assistance center)
  7. Working with Refugee Students in Classrooms (Kevin Roxas)
  8. Refugee Children with Low Literacy Skills or Interrupted Education: Identifying Challenges and Strategies (Dr. Dina Birman)
  9. Educational Needs and Barriers for African Refugee Students in Manitoba Kanu
  10. Adult Learning & Retention (Center for Applied Linguistics)
  11. ESL Learners in the Workplace (Spring Institute)
  12. Beyond Citizenship: True Stories for the Civics Class Silver (Margaret Silver)
  13. Preparing Limited English Proficient Adults for the Workplace (Allene Grognet)
  14. Integrating Language, Employment, & Culture (Shirley Brod)
  15. ABC’s for Tutors: Teaching Tips (Shirley Brod)
  16. Building Collaborations between Parents & Schools of ELLs (NCREST)
  17. Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL): A national clearinghouse for information about English language learners, immigrants, and refugees, focused on education
  18. International Organization for Migration (IOM): Leading international organization for migration committed to the idea that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society; collaborates with international partners to assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management; advances understanding of migration issues; encourages social and economic development through migration; and upholds the human dignity and well-being of migrants
  19. Low Educated Second Language & Literacy Acquisition for Adults (LESLLA). An international forum of researchers who share an interest in research on the development of second language skills by adult immigrants with little or no schooling prior to entering the country of entry
  20. Migration Policy Institute: Info on what the government and society are doing and saying about immigrants
  21. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR): A federal division of Department of Health and Human Services, Administration of Children & Family Services that provides statistics on refugee resettlement by year, nationality, and state
  22. Organizations that officially resettle refugees through the ORR:
    1. Church World Service (CWS)
    2. Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)
    3. Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
    4. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
    5. International Rescue Committee (IRC)
    6. US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)
    7. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
    8. World Relief Corporation (WR)
    9. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
  23. Refugee Council USA (RCUSA): Basic information on refugee resettlement, including funding and public assistance.
  24. Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning (SIIL): Empowers people & organizations to succeed across languages and cultures through a host of resettlement, educational, and advocacy programs in the state of Colorado
  25. Refugees Magazine (UNHCR)
  26. UNHCR
    1. Populations of Concern
    2. Through the Eyes of a Child: Refugee Children Speak about Violence
    3. Mali Situation Updates
    4. Iraq Bleeds
    5. Huge Country, Problems, Potential: DR Congo
    6. Frequently Asked Questions about Resettlement
    7. Refugee or Migrant: Why it Matters
    8. Supporting Next Steps in Integration Initiatives
    9. Safe Schools and Learning Environment
    10. Refugee Education: A Global Review
    11. Ensuring Access to Education: Operational Guidance on Refugee Protection & Solutions in a Framework for the Protection of Children Urban Areas
  27. A Cultural-Ecological Theory of School: Performance with Some Implications for Education (Ogbu & Simons)
  28. Working with Refugee Students in Secondary Schools: A Counselor's Companion
  29. Building a Pathway to the Future: Maximizing High School Guidance and Advisory Support (Fazekas & Warren)
  30. From Aspirations to Action: Increasing Postsecondary Readiness for Underrepresented Students Assessment Considerations
  31. Language Instruction Educational Programs (LIEPs): A Review of the Foundational Literature) (Faulkner-Bond)
  32. Elderly Refugees and Language Learning (Allene Grognet)
  33. Helping Immigrant & Refugee Students Succeed (Kugler and Price, Center for Health and Health Care in Schools)
  34. The Immigrant Women’s Health Stories Project (Spring Institute)
  35. Immigrant Children and Youth: Enabling their Success at School (UCLA School of Mental Health)
  36. Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance
  37. Midtown Utica Community Center. IDT student project. Check out the website, the Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter
  38. Refugees Starting Over in Utica, NY. An information hub by, for, and about resettled refugees in Utica, NY. Including a video and other materials on the award-winning (SUNY CUAD best of awards)
  39. Getting to Know Refugees (TEDx Utica)
  40. Starting Over: Bhutanese Refugees in Utica, NY
  41. American and Refugee Students for Closer Connection. Join the group for news about culture, refugees, diversity, etc.
  42. Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees. Especially interesting is the populations tab that has a table of all the groups and when they arrived.
  43. Refugee Artists of Utica
  44. Safe Haven (David Haines)
  45. Unbecoming Citizens (about Bhutanese-Nepali history) (Michael Hutt)
  46. Faces of the Mohawk Valley (Brigitta Field, MVCC)
  47. The Middle of Everywhere (Mary Pipher)
  48. What is the What? (Dave Eggers)
  49. Liza Paudel’s web project features six Bhutanese women from Utica
  50. Marisa Wong’s in-progress video project "Refuge" is about refugees in Utica, especially this one of the Don Dancers at Karen New Year 2015
  51. The Town that Loves Refugees. Refugees Magazine, 2005 (UNHCR)
  52. State of the Re-Union. Radio program about Utica
  53. Somali-Bantu: Struggling to start over: Human Rights Challenges for Somali Bantu Refugees in the United States
  54. News (NY Times, Syracuse Times, NPR, etc.)
    1. A New Life for Refugees, and the City they Adopted (Susan Hartman, NY Times)
    2. Looking to Prosper as a Melting Pot; Utica, Long in Decline, Welcomes an Influx of Refugees
    3. New York State Accuses Utica School District of Bias Against Refugees
    4. Advocates Sue New York School District, Claiming Weak Programs for Refugees
    5. Refugee students banned from high school
    6. Utica, NY draws immigrant population (NPR)
    7. Refugees spur urban renewal
  55. Finding home: A former refugee’s experience in Utica (Karen). Colgate University geography class project.
  56. Refugee Project. A collaborative/collective documentary project about the daily lives of refugee families in Upstate New York, documenting the daily practices, rituals, and cultural events of refugee communities
  57. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN)
  58. UN Sustainable Development Goals
  59. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN)
  60. The Displaced Video
  61. Clouds Over Sidra Video
  62. United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees
  63. PBS Point of View Video on Syrian Refugees: “Dayla’s Other Country”
  64. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights


  1. Culturally Competent Practice with Immigrant and Refugee Children and Families. Fong, R., Guilford Press (2003)
  2. Learners' Lives as Curriculum: Six Journeys to Immigrant Literacy. Weinstein, G., Delta Systems (2000)
  3. Mogadishu on the Mississippi: Language, Racialized Identity, and Education in a New Land. Bigelow, M., Wiley-Blackwell  (2010)
  4. Human Cargo: A Journey Among Refugees. Moorehead, C., Picador (2006)
  5. This Much I Can Tell You: Stories of Courage and Hope from Refugees in Minnesota. Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services, Beaver's Pond Press (2011)
  6. The Arrival. Tan, S.. Arthur A.. Levine Books (2007)
  7. Enrique's Journey. Nazario, S., Random House (2007)
  8. The Middle of Everywhere: Helping Refugees Enter the American Community. Pipher, M., Mariner Books (2003)
  9. Outcasts United: An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman's Quest to Make a Difference. St. John, W. Spiegel & Grau (2009)
  10. God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir. Dau, J.National Geographic (2008)
  11. Bird, Lyndsay. "Surviving School Education for Refugee Children from Rwanda 1994 - 1996." International Institute for Education Planning (2003)
  12. International Institute for Education Planning (2003)
  13. Nowhere to be Home: Narratives from survivors of Burma's military regime. Lemere, Maggie; and Zoë West, eds., McSweeneys Books (2011). [Selection on Blackboard]

Resources for teaching and curriculum development

  1. Cornell's Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies Lending Library
  2. Teaching Tolerance
  3. Facing History and Ourselves
  4. Share My Lesson
  5. Larry Ferlazzo's Blog for Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL
  6. The Pulitzer Center
  7. Smithsonian Magazine

Burma and Karen refugee resources

  1. SEAP Lending Library Burma-Karen Resource List
  2. Website about Burmese Refugees in USA (includes videos, stories, images, and fact sheets)
  3. Metro, Rosalie and Nicolas Salem-Gervais. A Textbook Case of Nation-Building: The Evolution of History Curricula in Myanmar. Journal of Burma Studies 16.1 (2012): 27-78
  4. Metro, Rosalie. History Curricula and the Reconciliation of Ethnic Conflict: A Collaborative Project with Burmese Migrants and Refugees in Thailand. PhD dissertation, Cornell University, Dept. Education, 2011. [Thesis LB41 2011 M487]
    1. Post-conflict History Curriculum Revision as an "Intergroup Encounter" Promoting Interethnic Reconciliation among Burmese Migrants and Refugees in Thailand. Comparative Education Review 57.1 (2013), 145-68. (revised from the dissertation, Chapter Two)
    2. Post-colonial subjectivities in the post-conflict aid triangle: The drama of educational missionization in the Thai-Burma borderlands. In Gagnon, C., & Brown, K. (eds). Post-conflict studies: An interdisciplinary approach. New York: Routledge, 2014, 161-181
  5. Banki, Susan. "Burmese Refugees in Tokyo: Livelihoods in the Urban Environment." Journal of Refugee Studies 19.3 (2006): 328-44
  6. Banki, Susan. "Contested Regimes, Aid Flows, and Refugee Flows: The Case of Burma." Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 28.2 (2009): 47-73
  7. Brees, Inge. "Burmese Refugee Transnationalism: What is the Effect?" Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 28.2 (2009): 23-46
  8. Bünte, Marco. "The Politics of Refugees in and Outside Burma/Myanmar." Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 28.2 (2009): 3-5
  9. Egretau, Renaud. "Burma in Diaspora: A Preliminary Research Note on the Politics of Burmese Diasporic Communities in Asia." Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 31.3 (2012): 115-47
  10. Faucher, Carole. "Capturing Otherness: Self-Identity and Feelings of Non-Belonging among Educated Burmese in Thailand." Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies 28.2 (2010): 54-81
  11. "Refugees Say N.Y. School District Blocked Them From Going To High School." NPR, Updated March 2, 201612:10 PM ET; Published March 1, 20164:35 PM ET
  12. McCarthy, Florence and Vickers, Margaret, “ Refugee and Immigrant Students.” Chapter 4: Oh, Su-Ann. Identity and inclusion: Education in refugee camps in Thailand. In Refugee and immigrant students: Achieving equity in education. F. E. McCarthy & M. E. Vickers, eds. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2012, pp. 65-85
  13. Lemere, Maggie; and Zoë West, eds. Nowhere To Be Home: Narratives from survivors of Burma's military regime. San Francisco: McSweeneys Books, 2011. [Selection on Blackboard]
  14. What Teachers should know about refugees students from Burma,” by Ithaca Asian Girls on the Move (Part 1Part 2)
  15. "Nickel City Smiler." Documentary about the Karen and Burmese refugee population in Buffalo, New York. Directed by Scott Murchie, Chance Encounter Productions (2012)
  16. *Refugees from Burma: Their Backgrounds and Refugee Experiences from the Center for Applied Linguistics

*indicates resource available in SEAP’s Lending Library