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Call for Submissions for the February 2023 Research Symposium

Old map of caribbean and part of Latin America

LACS 60th Anniversary

February 2023 Research Symposium

“Un-Charting Territories”

Friday, February 17th & Saturday, February 18th, 2023

A territory, understood as a site to be defended, is anchored by parameters of exclusivity and control. Territory is often associated with physical land mass, attributing sovereignty to nations. It can describe sites of knowledge. We can also speak of disciplinary and discursive territories governed by methodologies and subjects of study. Yet, even as colonial powers attempted to delineate Latin America and the Caribbean territories, these sites continue to resist. The Andes and the Amazon, for example, defy human efforts to draw straight lines through natural environments. Indigenous communities that do not recognize colonial separation of their ancestral lands, migrate transnationally, challenging national imaginaries. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) program, we invite the Cornell community to rethink the disciplinary, environmental, political, and discursive boundaries of Latin America and the Caribbean in our 2023 Research Symposium “Un-Charting Territories”. We invite the Cornell community to submit proposals that explore dismantling territories such as, but not limited to:

  • Human and non-human territories
  • National Territories
  • Land and water masses
  • Methodologies
  • Science, Teachnology, Art, and Math (STEAM disciplinary territories)
  • Racialized, Gendered, Classist, Ethnic territories
  • Affective territories
  • Linguistic territories

To underscore the success of 60 years of programming and the expansion of the program to include the Caribbean, we strongly encourage proposals that explore the Caribbean, the hispanophone islands and the coastal regions of South and Central America. Additionally, we are including a special panel that highlights undergraduate students interested in developing research proposals focused on this year’s theme of “Un-Charting Territories” through interdisciplinary work.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student Call for Submissions: In the spirit of this year’s theme and the program’s 60th anniversary, LACS and its Graduate Fellows invite Cornell University faculty, staff, and graduate students to submit abstracts for paper presentations, poster presentations, and creative performance pieces (performance art, visual media, creative writing pieces, etc). Submissions should include a title, name of the presenter, and a 250-300-word abstract that specifies the type of presentation (paper, poster, creative). Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes.

Undergraduate Student Call for Submissions:

LACS and its Graduate Fellows are inviting undergraduate students to submit abstracts for 2 special panels and 1 roundtable discussion

1.    “Unusual Partnerships”: In this panel, we are calling for research project proposals from Cornell University undergraduate student teams (3-5 people) and at least one faculty advisor. Proposals for this panel should touch upon the theme of “Un-Charting Territories” and address a current real-world question relevant to Latin America and/or the Caribbean. The purpose of this event is to showcase novel approaches happening on the Cornell campus and to bring the Cornell community together around issues concerning Latin America and the Caribbean. There should be at least 2 distinct diverse departments represented in each team. Collaborations across arts, humanities, social science, and STEAM fields are strongly encouraged. Each project should have: (1) a clearly defined problem statement supported by literature; (2) an understanding of why that problem exists and its social context; and (3) a critical understanding of what is achievable in a realistic time frame. This panel is designed as an opportunity for innovative research to be led by undergraduate students with the guidance of graduate students and faculty, with novel presentations encouraged (unconventional posters, performances, etc.). For more information on the specific project description, contact Geneva Graef (gmg228) or Carolina Osorio Gil (co27).

2.    Panel for undergraduates returning from summer internships in Ecuador

3.    “Going Beyond”: This roundtable seeks to highlight undergraduate voices that have completed study abroad, internships, or research in Latin America and/or the Caribbean. The purpose of this panel is to provide a site where undergraduates can present their experience crossing personal boundaries, growing as people, scholars, researchers, etc. This is meant to be a conversation to engage directly with each other’s work and experience. Presentations should be no more than 5-10 minutes.

The LACS Research Symposium invites the Cornell community to submit abstracts no later than December 10, 2022 to with the Subject line: "LACS Symposium Proposal."

Notice will be given to authors by January 10th.

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